Exit points? What have I misssed?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by usetawuz, May 22, 2011.

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    Hi Wab.J,

    I totally agree with you about the exit points, I've experienced them myself. For me personally, it was always 'proof' of the existence of Free Will, in spite of all people who claim to know the truth about predestination of our lives. Not with me, not my life.
    I've experienced those points in two ways: I had to make up my mind about whether to continue living and/or I had to agree with a scenario that was about to come. Weird, but true.
    The problem is that it was never really clear what was about to happen after my choice. Actually, with all the knowledge I have now, I even became cautious and almost afraid to make decisions, because of the drastic and sometimes traumatic events that eventually did lead to the desired outcome.
    I guess this is the same mechanism as planning your life before birth. You just choose some kind of the desired outcome, but it doesn't mean you know how life will get you there. And at what cost.
    (Because every choice I make will influence other people's lives as well.)
    Exit points are turning points in my view. You can exit life itself, or just exit your kind of life, but in both ways, it's dying and being reborn again (even without literally dying).
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    Hi Wab. J

    Welcome to the forum.

    Very wise words. I think you and Dking would get along.
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    I had never considered the concept of having exit points until I read The Anne Dialogues recently. It seemed to make sense to me, but I wondered about when they happened. Was it when I somehow knew that a car was coming around a "blind" corner, of that country-road, in my lane when I was a teenager? Was it when I returned home after being hospitalized for six months and contemplating suicide after finding that my wife no longer wanted me? Was it one of the several times I came close to death in my construction-industry carrier?

    I don't think that merely making a choice in life to make a change, like quitting smoking or getting a divorce, would be the same sort of thing as an EXIT point. An exit point would be a predetermined point in time where all of the interactions that you had committed to before your birth were covered by a backup plan when you reached a point where you either completed your "tasks" or could no longer deal with them and chose to end the incarnation.

    Perhaps the other points could be called Soft Exits or Resets.
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