Experiences voluntary death in past lives

Discussion in 'Past Life Regression Therapy' started by John Smith, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. John Smith

    John Smith New Member

    Jul 19, 2018
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    Has anyone had a past life memory where you ended your own life? Or an attempt that resulted in a near-death experience? What happened?

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  2. truthlove

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    Jul 27, 2019
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    Hi John, I dont have direct experience related to suicide , although i had a dream of NDE which i thought was strange. Anyways, since your question is about sucide and nde resulting from it, here is an excellent example of such a case.
    I love this woman's wisdom, her name is Kelly. She has had amazing experience and wisdom that comes from after her NDE is so resonating. listen to this in your free time.
    From what i understand , suicide is just a way of the soul wanting freedom from physical and suffering so badly , they just take matters in to their own hands. There is no punishment or hell , they are like every other soul , deeply loved and nourished.
    If any one claims to have experienced 'hell' its only a phase in the afterlife process until they realise they are creating that reality of hell, they don't need to. Usually such experiences wont last long because they have the innate desire to move towards soul, light , or the true nature and so they begin to question their reality fairly quickly. Once they move beyond any unconscious self created reality experience they do realize that they themselves have set up challenges for the current lifetime from a soul level, its their own desire on a higher level to meet those challenges and its understandable if they choose to exit early due to forgetfulness, confusion and suffering but once on the other side they often realize that they want to face it fully again, so they often come back.
    There is a period of rest and recuperation based on the level of trauma they experienced in their earth life , but no punishment or judgement. There is only life review from their own deeper perspective and wisdom learned from it. We all choose our birth and death on higher level. suicides usually us wanting to get the hell out of here before the time of designated death, at least in some cases. In some other cases , suicide is created for reasons that's more complex , like to offer a trigger for life lessons to others involved in loving themselves more, the reasons are not cut and dry , but the result is always LOVE and not punishment to anyone

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  3. SeaAndSky

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    Dec 11, 2014
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    Florida, USA
    Hi John,

    My deepest impression from the research I have done into various accounts is that people report a tremendous sense of failure and regret. Things apparently look very different from a higher perspective, and most regret the fact that they took their own lives and thereby (1) failed in the tests and tasks they were given (and seemingly pre-planned and set for themselves with the aid of their various guides and counselors) and (2) caused great pain to others that loved them. Likewise, though there may not be any harsh judgment from those who help afterwards in reviewing a lifetime and its lessons, there clearly seems to be a sense of disappointment that a soul/spirit essentially quit and thereby failed the test/task(s) that had been determined by them for a particular lifetime and caused pain to others. There is also a clear implication that whatever tasks/tests were set for a particular lifetime and not "passed" or accomplished will just have to be faced and overcome/accomplished in a future lifetime. I.e., those who drop out of the course will just have to take it again later. So, nothing is gained by putting it off.

    Anyhow, this is just a quick summary of a large number of accounts I have read. I'm leaving out any religious teachings, etc.--which also quite obviously mitigate against suicide. Likewise, there is the consideration (not just from PL regressions, etc. but from the reports of those affected by someone else's suicide) of the immense pain a suicide caused them. There are also clear indications that those who cause this type of pain to others may need to develop additional empathy by, at some point, experiencing the same type of suffering that they have caused.

    So, overall, suicide is a total loser as a strategy when seemingly unable to cope. Compassion is called for, but it really is a bad step for all concerned.


    PS--There may be cases where the level of physical suffering (especially with terminal illnesses) is too great to be borne. Otherwise, as noted above, the results of willful suicide all seem to be very negative.
  4. fireflydancing

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    Oct 27, 2016
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