Experiences with special needs child.

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    I thought some of you might be interested in some experiences with my child who has special needs.

    I have a child who is differently abled. He has made several comments over the years that make me think he has been here before.

    We were watching tv one evening, and he made a comment that ended with him saying something about when he was big like me. I had to follow up, so I said I don’t remember you ever being big. When was this? He replied by saying simply, a long time ago... all I got out of him. He drew out the long when he said it. He sounded kind of weary or melancholic when he said it. Pretty convincing even though I didn’t get specifics out of him.

    He also went through a period of time when he would ask on almost a daily basis about whether he would come back as a normal kid when he died. He really wouldn’t take anything other than a yes for an answer. I was okay with answering that way because I do believe that is possible. I told him you wouldn’ t come back as the same person. This was partly because he really wanted a recently deceased family member to be able to be born again. And those are the terms he used.

    It is tough to have a small child you love ask about whether he can be “normal” again. Especially when you haven’t told them or made a big deal about them being different.

    A final thing I will add is this. I don’t know if this has any significance past a child’s normal fears, but he also asked a lot about the end of the world. He was very concerned about us being in heaven or with God for the “final days”. He would then ask if God would make a new world for us to live on after he destroys this one. I told him I did not know, and that he would have to ask God himself, if he ever got the chance. I did say I thought he would arrange something for us, but not to worry about it. I felt it would be a long time before anything like that happened to the world. You’d always wonder if he had some inside knowledge when he would talk that way. It wasn’t anything he picked up from us or anyone we knew either. That was not ever a topic of conversation unless he brought it up.
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    It is a hard life to be born into in general and harder still when at a disadvantage in the normal sense but regardless some of us really want to go home wherever that is. I am thinking of what to do next should that stick for the next life where either I go somewhere else entirely for a vacation life so to speak or get a easier round here the next time as this life has not been easy even now. Growing up with an alcoholic and abusive parent takes its toll in later years where there are emotional scars then there is the mess that is society which is occasionally unpleasant to even brutal at times. Your son has certainly been around and you can catch this in other people when their guard is down and the words slip out without them realizing what they have said.
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