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    Just wondering if I am the only one here who feels as if I have met the same challenge as I think I did in an experienced past life? In my case it was that I was a female who struggled with addiction (diet pills, 1950's) which created both a mental and physical struggle. It felt as if past-life-me had beaten the addiction, at least to some degree because I seemed to feel and act normal and be more secure close in time of the death. YET - this has come back in my current life: I was seriously injured in my early 20's and they had to put me on a pill that had codeine in it after a while because the other pills had seized to work. At the time being no one knew that it was addictive. I began to notice it was and took it up with my doctor who did not believe me, and instead wanted to prescribe even more. The only alternatives left were less effective. I ended up passing out due to the pain, and this has not happened since nor after. Anyhow, I stopped taking the pill. I think me remembering what it was like to be addicted and what it did to me back then was what gave me the strength. Some years later they found out about the addictive part in it and now it is a restricted medication.

    I was just wondering - have you experienced having an old issue of some sort return to you in this one as well? Is it coincidence or does it have a meaning? What do you think?

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    Hi, LiLa. This is an interesting question.:)

    Although I have said many times that I think addictions are coincidences or personal problems, I think that in some way, we have some addiction that comes from a past life. In my case, I have problems with alcohol and another drug that I won't say. For the moment, I'm fine, but I keep falling back and forth into the same personality patterns of my past life. My thoughts are very similar to that person. Sometimes that scares me. It's like I can't overcome my fears, addictions, or negative thoughts.

    I know I'm someone else now, but it's a story that never ends. It's strange because in most of my past lives I acted the same way I do now. I try to live with that. I know I'll get over it. I don't want to make the same mistakes. In the end, my goal is to overcome a vicious circle.

    About some meaning... I don't know if having an addiction or problems has a meaning. I believe that in an early life something begins and that creates our next problems. You reap what you sow or something.
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    I'm very much the same personality I used to be. So yeah I carry on certain tendencies but I think I'm improving myself at least. I still have trouble keeping a job without being totally bored - i change them frequently. Another one - hot temper. I tend to lose my mind when somebody tries to belittle me ... I'm difficult with accepting authorities ... I'm scared of being locked and I'm scared of driving cars (especially curvy roads in mountain areas). I believe at some point in my pl I consumed drugs without being addicted though. I still don't tend to get an addicton of whatsoever...
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    Hi Li. La,

    I think the idea that we will keep facing certain problems until we can handle them is very common among people who believe in reincarnation. That is one reason why it is said that suicide is not usually a solution for any problem, as it not only creates a host of new problems/consequences a person may have to deal with in the future in terms of the pain caused to others and etc., but the suicide will still need to face whatever the problem was they couldn't handle in a future lifetime and conquer it.

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    Starting to come to a realization that jobs these days are a waste of life that for the vast majority of people they are getting nowhere with their lives and are locked in a cycle for which an increasingly fewer people are able to escape. The system is rigged to trap people in their medicated and well distracted misery where before all one needed was a good work ethic and to keep the nose clean to at least make it somewhere while for their kids a good education made the difference.
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    Yea There and back again...life was much better in the past:

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    I wonder what life would look like if the past lives and their impressions no longer bore such influence on me and were no longer a big deal, not through numbness and ignorance but via awareness and spontaneous compassion to all that is.

    Could a person be an active player in the world, or would they be like the Indian yogi who has washed his hands of Society? Any thoughts?
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    Back to the original topic; your issues could be past life-related, or it could be a case of correlation not being equal to causation. There are many reasons why a problem could occur in multiple lifetimes: it could be a common issue, or perhaps a person's personality type is more likely to get them into such a situation. Apparently, there are also many cases of unfinished business where a soul tries out a similar situation to get over previous trauma or to learn a lesson they had previously failed. The line between these two types of occurrences is either thin or nonexistent depending on where a person stands on the issue of why we reincarnate.

    I myself have a rather large list of issues that I have dealt with over many lifetimes, many centering around certain negative social interactions (such as repeated, senseless back stabbings). I cannot decide if these occur randomly and I just happen to get more of them than the statistical probability indicates I should, if who I am as a person generates these situations, or if I need to work through these types of patterns for a higher reason. I also wonder if it matters why: the problem is there, so I should focus on solving it. Past life work may be a solution, or it may only complicate things. I do not know.
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