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    This is tough to talk about but it's something burning on my mind.
    Apparently my mum and dad in this lifetime murdered me in my last lifetime.
    How would the fates have lined up so my mum met my dad, with them deciding to get together again, then consequently producing me for a second time. Would they have attracted each other?
    What are the chances that both of them would have been in the same area at around the same time so they could meet again?
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    I really enjoyed this article by Sarah Belle Dougherty-published in 1985. That was 32 YEARS ago! Here is a portion of her article. Perhaps it's a start to answering your question.

    "Certainly experience tells us how much more there is to a human being than the outer shell that we can see. By recognizing only the physical world, the materialistic science that has dominated intellectual life for the last 150 years has conditioned us to view anything else as unreal or, at most, a material by-product; but, although we identify strongly with our physical self and sense perceptions, it is clearly our invisible self -- with feelings, thoughts, reactions, will, and desires that is the real person, the one whom we think of as our self and who responds to and acts upon inner and outer circumstances.

    Reincarnation proposes that this "real person" survives physical death to return to earth again and again as a human being. Instead of tracing all events to environment, to causes in our present life, or even to supernatural agencies, reincarnation shifts our attention to our inner self-heredity. We find that we are responsible for our present circumstances, for who we are now as well as who we will be in the future, because in former lives we have brought out of ourselves the character, abilities, and tendencies which are with us today. These do not emerge as mere vague trends; we are drawn to a particular situation by causes we have set in motion which create an inner affinity. There are, for instance, specific reasons behind our being born into a particular family in a certain place and time.

    We are psychomagnetically drawn to parents who can provide a life-situation tailored to our own innate characteristics and karma. The child too is best suited to fulfill the karmic needs of his parents. Such things are not a matter of chance or accident, or simply of material processes. Material processes reflect inner processes, with causes operating on many different levels throughout the universe. So while we are necessarily parts of worlds of matter and time which influence us, we are not ultimately limited by them."​
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    Why do you think they murdered you in a past life?
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