Feeling Like Someone I Reincarnated with is Ruining My Life :)

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by seek, May 15, 2018.

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    May 15, 2018
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    Thank you, Spirit Sword. I was having some serious depression. Underneath depression is always something else - I had a lot of unprocessed grief and sadness, and then anger and resentment - it all felt awful. I finally seem to have processed some layers and am feeling better. I learned some things about my wanting this person to change so I will feel better. I realize that not only is that impossible (which I thought I already knew on some level, but obviously didn't), but that I COULD have a voice (which I had been withholding for fear of hurting him or it "not being the right time." I realized that I don't have to say everything I would LIKE to say (LOVE to say), but that I can still express myself a little bit and not accept unacceptable behavior AND not have some expectations I was having (that seem unreasonable to me now - given where he is in his life).

    So, in answer to your first point, yes, I REALLY need to take care of myself - love myself, put myself first. Thank you.

    In regards to your second point, I would like some clarification. I understand you think you drew a wrong conclusion - isn't that something we will realize on the other side? I don't expect to "get it" on this side, regression or not. And what do you mean about "unnecessary suffering?" I would like to know so as to avoid it myself, if possible!
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    I tend to get myself into bad situations and not ask for help before it is too late. Or I make an enemy of someone by standing firmly on what I believe to be the right side and expecting them to come around only for them to run me through. And since I was trying to be self-sufficient or stand up for my morals, I do not think that I processed it properly as mistakes on my side. I've been falling into these same dangerous behaviors for hundreds of years and assigning blame to others and situations instead of picking up behaviors which are not ideal, but are necessary for working well within human society.

    Negative patterns and lessons can still be encoded. That is why a lot of people seek out regression therapy: it is a way to find the bad subconscious thought processes and physical/mental ailments and root them out at their source.

    Long story short: you have to be careful about what lessons you might be teaching yourself. If you say there is nothing you can do and this situation is making you a victim, then you will train yourself to think that even more so in the future. I doubt anyone purposefully puts incorrect lessons into their life plans, but they can pop up.
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