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    Since months before March, I have been attempting Past Life Regression without success. However, these past three times I have tried I might have finally picked something up. The second session that I think I may have discovered something was mostly based on feeling and very few visions or sounds. I am wondering if this depends on how deeply I went into hypnosis. Nevertheless, I ended up "seeing/imagining" a woman that looks similar to me, but with darker hair and a different skin tone. I identified her as myself, and the picture was very abstract but she was in front of this marble building, and it was in some ancient time, maybe Greece or Rome. I wasn't too taken by the image I found in my mind as I was by my emotions though. All the sudden I noticed a crowd and one man without any identity and I thought "they are going to kill me!". I started crying in the session, but little happened until I got to the death scene, where I imagined myself by a bed. I was surprised because apparently "they" didn't kill me, but I assumed that I poisoned myself for some reason, and at the end I was crying "I am not a slave!" I was really emotional afterwards.
    The third session I came to the same life, the man came to mind again, and I really did not get much out of it, (some party maybe? maybe the unidentifiable man kissing me?) but at the death this time I became a bit nauseous, more specifically crying that "I am not his slave". I cried a lot afterwards as well, asking myself why I committed suicide, and crying about being a slave. I might be assuming too much, but I am thinking that I was taken as a concubine after an attack or something.
    I think one really interesting thing is that it seems most people "see" during regression, but I largely feel and express strong emotions. Do you think that my feelings should be taken as accurately as sight?
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    Hi Antigone,

    So you finally experienced the memories of a former life? I don't think you should worry about not seeing so much. I think it happens a lot to all of us. It's easier to write about visions than writing down in words that complex cloud of emotions. I also think that emotions are the most realistic tie to a former life. We usually tend to remember the tragic endings of former lives and the emotions around unfinished businesses.
    I always find it difficult to make a distinction between the emotions of this past life and my emotions in the now while I am confronted with them. The former self can draw different conclusions than the current self (assuming that in this Now we have more historical oversight). For example, I noticed while regressing to two separate lives that my former self gave sarcastic answers that were interpretations of their situation. In one life, I was a young girl (14) that worked hard under the guidance of her mother in law in the householding. When I asked her about her occupation (just a question in one of those regression videos on Youtube), she said in a stubborn voice: Slave! That was the way she felt like at the time, although it didn't match my description of her life.

    I just mention this example because the word 'slave' has a lot of connotations. Your former self could technically have been a slave or she was with a man that didn't match her expectations of married life. Too dominant perhaps. It's up to you to discover and unravel this story of your past. Maybe you'll find parallels with your current life. This happens a lot. The reason why the memory of a certain life comes back to you is often because of those parallels in the Now. Unfinished problems that you might solve now. If you are willing to do so. You can always decide to leave those memories in the past.
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