Forbidden Love of a White Rose

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    I had a dream that really set my mind a whirl...

    This one from my life in 1480's England was VERY different! I believed it to be from what I would call the randy, "pre-Anne" phase. The dream recurred three times, each time I saw a little more of the situation and why it was happening! It was one hell of a revelation by the time I had it the third time. I will say, pardon me here, but it was damned good. Made me quite sad a bit, too.

    Grieving for lost loves and realizing you're not still male. What can I say. When you are between sleep and awake, that's a hell of a realization. And, pardon...but, a little odd to start to awaken from "that" an still feel as if you have something "downstairs"!

    And when I say awaken, I mean interrupted. So I wasn't done. ;)
    Train noise outside awoke me from that, darn it! I'm sure THAT is why I was "feeling" that still. LOL
    Before I completely awoke, I was like, "Oh well, I suppose I'll just..........what the bloody hell!?!?!" Yep nothing there! That's when I completely woke up! That was both a shock.....and disappointing! It was a right nice one, too! ;)

    I was hoping to have that one again, without getting interrupted!!!! ;) I took a little rest the next afternoon...and had THAT dream again! I definitely did NOT have anything to interrupt me that time. ;)

    I swear, by all that is Holy...!!!!! :p That went on for I don't even know how long. :D
    I do know that the interruption point on the first dream was only half-way through! I don't rightly know who she was (or where this took place), but, darn...we were all over the place in that room!

    I know it was definitely not my wife, Anne. This woman had very dark hair and Anne's was sort of strawberry blonde. Later, I had a revelation hit me about this dream. I had originally just automatically thought that this took place before I was married. But, then I remembered that in the dream I was not really young when this occurred. I started wondering if this was when Anne turned deathly ill, before she died.

    I know doctors had said she was contagious and to not share her bed (common consensus now is that she had TB). So, after several months of well...nothing. Seems like something had to give. Which, if it was several months, I can see why it was pretty intense, once it happened. Like you are about ready to lose your mind from going that long, stress, worry and everything else at the time going on. But it still didn't seem quite right to me for that to be the case. Both times I dreamed it, it just seemed like it was completely normal and super intense sex. Definitely not of a man restrained for THAT long. But, that was because I still was not seeing the entire scene.

    The dream recurred again the other morning and I discovered what was missing. The very start of the whole scene. After that, everything fell into place and it hit me like a ton of bricks as the time frame of it. I was correct on the time frame being later. Well, let's say things started out with a big disappointment! ;)

    Which was understandable, given how long I had gone. That was horribly embarrassing for me. Especially in my position. I mean a King is supposed to be strong, virile and manly...not do THAT before we barely got started. So after a little relaxing with each other for a while, we tried again.
    Then the coals really got poured on. That was where it started the first two times I dreamed it.

    I am thinking that I didn't see the beginning the first two times because it was something that had deeply embarrassed me and bruised my ego then. And then it hit me again about the doctors and not being able to share Anne's bed for several months and I was like oh my God! This happened while she was slowly dying. That embarrassing situation made total sense in this new time frame. The complete dream, together, now makes total sense.

    We are all driven in life towards our moments of weakness. I HAD to be able to focus, think and work. Way too many very serious things were on my plate at that time. As a man, female companionship was the perfect way to release some steam and interact with another human being that wasn't plotting to kill you.
    We are all driven in life towards our moments of weakness. [​IMG]

    I know I was pious, but you know what, let's be realistic here. I was also a Medieval man, a King so, everything that went along with "that" mindset! People really get hung up on that, like they're trying to canonize me or something. I was a normal, strong, 31 year old male, with male needs and desires.

    Due to all of these things occurring, I had an extremely intimate encounter with a woman that was SO passionate it set my mind a whirl. She was very stunning, with long dark hair, green eyes, fine facial features, milky white skin and a very attractive body. She would have been in her early 20's at that time. She was extremely sensual and we drove each other crazy! Her having been married made sense, as she definitely didn't act like a virgin. Let's just say...she was WAY to...ahem...experienced at what she was doing! [​IMG]
    What man wouldn't want to perform top notch for someone like her? Which is all the more reason that the little "incident" was SO embarrassing!

    I will say that, that little green eyed minx...she rather enjoyed what she was getting! No surprise, considering what I saw of myself in the first dream! ;) And watching/hearing her reactions really drove me out of my mind and made me go wild. I really couldn't control myself. I had her ready to climb the walls!!!

    My only son had recently died, now I knew my wife was most likely dying, too. But without being able to closely interact or sleep with my wife for months, well, let's just say...taking care of "things" only gets you so far. Even nowadays, no man is going to go months....I don't care who you are, let alone shouldering all of THAT!!! But, I have the feeling that once the Pandora's box had been opened by doing that...there was no closing it.

    I feel certain that I had a few liaisons with this woman after that, maybe even till right before I left to fight and ultimately die. It was way too good for it to only have happened once. I am sure of it. Especially given the circumstances. Very bittersweet. I don't know about you, but discovering the buried truth in that recurring dream absolutely ripped my heart out.

    I still find myself "seeing" her in my mind and the scenes of that moment replaying in my head. Since having that dream, I can't stop thinking of her. I kept wondering who she was knowing that she would, due to 530 plus years passing, unfortunately be impossible to find out.

    Boy, was I ever wrong!!! I was discussing this topic with an author who writes books about my past self. She informed me that another author was doing deep research for a book about my (then) best friend, Lord Francis Lovell. She came across suspicious information in regards to his sister, Lady Frideswide Lovell. She was married at the time of this encounter, but apparently was having a falling out with her husband over his alliance issues and not supporting me. This caused them to temporarily separate at that time.The information showed her having a daughter within the proper timeframe to match the encounter and she received very large annual annuities from myself at that time. The daughter was also treated "differently" from her other children.

    Now that I know her name, I visualize her more and more in my mind. I can feel her skin and her touch on mine, see her piercing green eyes. She has become even more real and tangible to me. I just can't get her out of my mind...then again...maybe I don't want to. ;)
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    Wow! Your memmories are very vivid. Are they all spontaneous, or through medition/hypnosis?
    I have nowhere near as many memories (spontaneous) and none from that timeframe. I think it must have been a very difficult period to live in whether rich, poor or middling.

    Are you finding this forum a good place to be? I am in my 60's now, and wish i'd found it before.
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    If I might add my two cents, "proof" doesn't matter. Childhood oddities can mean many things. Dreams and memories could be fabricated by the subconscious. Even your DNA connection is not an undeniable tie. Not only are you statistically one of many of that bloodline, but in my experience, one does not even have to remain in the same family across lifetimes. These are all just pieces of information, and no one can ever prove or disprove how they are supposed to fit together. All that matters is how the information comes together for you and how it affects your life. But, and I say this as a fellow FPL claimant, you do have to use extreme caution when dealing with a potential lifetime as a historical figure and you must be extremely honest with yourself every step of the way.
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