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Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by Steve, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Hello mods and helpers and friends of the Reincarnation Forum,

    This is Steve Bowman, Carol's husband, webmaster, and Grand Poobah! We're going to be upgrading the underlying software of the Forum as soon as this evening (2/9/16), most likely tomorrow (2/10/16). This means that, when I say Go!, either the Forum will be read-only or unavailable (except to moderators--don't know what level). It'll be read-only because when I say Go!, I'll be making a copy of the entire database and sending it to the tech who will then do his magic to migrate everything to the new format. So, obviously, any posts after that point will be lost.

    But be assured, everything up to that point will be carefully preserved and will show up in the new format, including all the sections and the threads and thread orders and member profiles. Hopefully avatars and signatures too.

    We're upgrading to vBulletin 5, and it'll be hosted by vbulletin in the Cloud. This means that vbulletin will always keep the software up to date. It means greater security and protection against a nasty hacker attack. It'll be faster. Most importantly, it means new features and everything will be modernized (our current version is at least 5 years old, maybe more).

    When we come back live, it won't look the same, and possibly, for a while, it'll be ugly and generic--until I can get in the backend and restore the lovely purple color skin and logo. But it should work fine (fingers crossed).

    Then the fun begins--there will be new features to explore--especially for the senior moderators who decide which features to use (and which to leave off).

    The whole idea (besides staying up-to-date and safe) is to keep the Reincarnation Forum a modern platform and easy to use, to encourage more participation, more discussion, quality interactions, and the spread of new ideas, help for parents, food for the curious, and inspiration for adventurous minds.

    I'll post here when the Go! time will be. To be honest, I don't decide it; the tech I'm working with does, when he decides when he can schedule the several hours of work he needs to do on the backend. So stay tuned. And if you come here in the next day or two and get a Forum Closed message, just come back later and it'll be open again.

    Carol and I, as always appreciate and are indebted to each and every one of you who contribute in any way to keep this Forum working and vibrant.



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