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    I have heard a lot of people say its pretentious to claim famous past lives, but I have one that I feel strongly about. I think I was Freddie Mercury in a past life. I’ve spent much of my young adulthood contemplating this, so I thought it might be cool to share.

    The Deja Vu:
    I was a fifth grader when I watched the music video to “We are the Champions” for the first time with my best friend. I had this odd sense of déjà vu at seeing the video. My best friend said “My mom said Freddie Mercury was gay.” Although I had never seen him before, I replied “No he was not!” (Freddie Mercury was bisexual.)

    Another time, when I was very young, I remember sitting on the carpet and listening to Freddie Mercury with my dad. My dad said “This is Freddie Mercury. We lost one of the world’s best voices” There was something familiar about his name, and it caused a sense of wonder.

    When I was 5, I went to a party and a lady asked me if I knew how to play piano. I said yes. I had never seen a piano before, in my life.

    The Artistic Stuff:
    As soon as I learned 5 notes on the piano, I started writing little songs. Melodies come very naturally to me, as they did to Freddie Mercury, who said “I think my melodies are superior to my lyrics.”

    I was really into art as a child, and good at it compared to other kids my age. I was the only kid in my kindergarten class to have my artwork displayed at the mall. (Freddie Mercury went to art school.)

    In high school, before I realized my past life, I used to daydream constantly about being a famous rock-star singer. I felt as if I was destined to be famous, and it was a driving need.

    When I was a little kid and I first heard about vocal ranges, I told my piano teacher that I thought I was a baritone. (Freddie Mercury was a baritone).

    Similar Personalities:
    I had an instant affinity for Elvis and Aretha Franklin as a child after hearing their songs for the first time. Freddie was inspired by these artists and payed homage to them in “Crazy Little Thing
    Called Love” and “Somebody to Love.” I wanted to be a rock star singer like Elvis, as Freddie did when he was a child.

    In 9th grade I was interested in getting myself a pair of leather pants.

    I have been a cat person my whole life. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with cats, and would hardcore judge anyone who liked dogs more. Freddie Mercury was a cat-person of epic proportions.

    My astrology-obsessed aunt said I am more of a Virgo than a Libra. Freddie was a Virgo.

    I’ve always been very confused about whether or not I was more into girls or guys. Freddie Mercury was also this way; he swung both ways and while he dated more guys, he gave his fortune to a woman who he said was the love of his life. I also dated more guys, but fell for a woman.

    Even in elementary school, I was obsessed with love and finding "the one,” and I am a very relationship-oriented person. Freddie Mercury was very much the same way.

    Freddie and I have similar taste in food and drink: We share our favorite drink (Champagne) and enjoy Indian and Chinese food as favorites.

    Freddie and I share a love of the painters Richard Dadd and Salvador Dalí.

    Both Freddie and I share a fear of driving. He never learned to drive, and neither did I.

    Both Freddie and I appreciate the Victorian Era quite a bit.

    Strange Coincidences:
    As a kid, I saw a cartoon of a cat called “Famous Fred” who dies of the cat flu, but comes back for his ninth life. My favorite make believe character for myself was Famous Fred. There is also ascene at the end where Famous Fred comes back for his ninth life, and I remember being struck by the ending as a child. Famous Fred became my go-to make-believe character, and I pretended to be that character for many years.

    My second full-song I wrote was a piano tune. I had an idea to write a march of a dark, evil queen. It was called “The March of Queen Andrea.” Freddie Mercury wrote a song called “The March of the Black Queen,” which I was unaware of when I wrote “The
    March of Queen Andrea.”

    I remember being 7 or 8 and learning about reincarnation for the first time in a book about world religions. I thought it was cool. I believed in reincarnation ever since.

    In 6th grade, when my cat died, I thought a kitten born shortly after was the reincarnation of my old cat, so family adopted her. I named her “Melina” which, unbeknownst to me, at the time, was Freddie Mercury’s nickname among his friends.

    I think that past lives are something very real. As I make my career as a singer, I try to integrate the knowledge of my past life into my creative works. Its an awesome feeling to know your past life, and I encourage others to do some searching to discover
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    That is a lot of similarities Snowdeal! Welcome to the forum; its interesting to hear of the many ways that people come to accept reincarnation.
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