friend just died, ritual to help him?

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    We are very sad and were/are planning a small celebration of his life. Is there anything we could do to help him have a positive reincarnation? He was very, very troubled, mentally ill and died of an over dose. Thanks.
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    I'm glad you're aware that there is more connection than just this life. It will help you make it through this pain.

    There are a lot of ceremonies and rituals out there if you research online, but perhaps it is better to customize what you do in his memory to match who he is.

    Please note that the following thoughts are founded in my own belief and experience. There are varied opinions, some of which will likely show up in this thread. You'll know what resonates with you when you read it.

    To follow some random ritual can be like buying a partner chocolates and roses every single Valentines Day because that is what everyone does to celebrate, even when your partner doesn't like chocolate and prefers riding a roller coaster over what they consider to be useless dead plants. Not recommended.

    Celebrate him.

    Consider your friend's best traits, the parts of yourselves you each trusted with him. If you allow yourselves to reach deeper and use your intuition you'll find a way to specifically notice how he demonstrated various qualities that are part of the eternal stability of his soul even at the center of this chaotic, emotionally dense life. That is who you're celebrating. That is who you're thanking for the time they spent with you. That is who you'll find on the other side of the veil.

    The current life personality is probably already becoming more of a costume worn for your sake (in dreams and memory) than an identity. Just like when you log out of an RPG or close a book you are no longer shrunk down to the boundaries of the character in the story. Your full self is not limited by the programmed capacity of the character in a game; your deeper self is also more than the identities and roles we take on when we log into our bodies.

    When you settle in to your time of remembrance, remember to invite your own spiritual guides to help you know what to say to each other and to him. Create a place of safety and an atmosphere of hope alongside the grief of missing him.

    I remember a life where I left my dear ones behind without warning, and while my choices made sense to the person I was then ... I still realized I could have made a different choice that would have lead to a meaningful lifetime the moment I stepped out of my skin. We all choose our next life for different reasons, so I wouldn't worry too much about what role he takes on next time. It will suit his goals, I think. We all end up learning something useful from life, even when we leave early.

    If you'd like, you can ask him whether he has found the meaning he needed to find this time around. Sometimes we gain clarity after death that we didn't find while alive. I know I did. He might not be able to reach you while you are awake and together. Not everyone has the skills to sense it safely, and not everyone on the other side has the skills to influence the tangible world without causing harm. Don't push for a specific outcome. But do be prepared to notice a dream or some other significant sign, like hearing his favorite song or finding references to his life scattered around your daily lives for a while.

    By the way, if you sense his presence this does not mean he's stuck here. It means he cares about you and wants to be sure you're okay. If you get the feeling he's confused, then you can simply explain what I wrote above to him and tell him to look for the light to lead him to his guides. They will always be nearby. Even if he doesn't need it, you'll feel better to be certain you've done your best to help.

    Please don't do a seance unless you have someone very stable, well trained, sensible (not into making things magical or dramatic), and experienced with the process to supervise and ensure you're not making yourselves even more vulnerable to intrusion than your grief already does. Every single one of you needs the protection of stability, mature boundaries, self knowledge, and a good grasp of your weaknesses (and how to protect yourself from being taken advantage of in real life relationships) before you even consider it, because there are influences that will take advantage of your vulnerability.

    Your friend may even be just fine (having followed a life plan of some kind) and wanting to help you all heal from the way he dropped out from beneath the potential lifetime you were hoping to experience with him.

    The reincarnation element isn't something you can influence though. I think the most you can do is send him off into the light and trust him to work with his guides as we all do.

    Check out the book section of the forum if you'd like to learn more about the possibilities your friend is encountering. There are quite a few about experiences as a soul between lives. They might help you all recover from the trauma of losing your friend.
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    I think simply sitting in harmony, as a group, offering positive words of hope will make a difference. A positive, spiritual, group... with an aura of love and an eye to the Great Beyond will certainly be heard. I believe in music too, honor this life of his and what he meant to each of you with song and testimony. I have seen where drumming brings intense spiritual energy. Good wishes to your friend, and blessings upon those who miss him. ~Tman

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