Grandson and the "cupboard"

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    Kade is 5 years-old

    Yeah! He made it, he is five tomorrow. He has not been very happy about this birthday coming. He kept asking questions about dying and seemed concerned with death. My daughter took him to register for kindergarten and since then he has started talking daily about his other mother. He seems a little bit more excited about starting school. He said he did not get to go last time. He told us about how his other mother wore dresses with flowers on them. The dress was long not short. She had long hair and wore it in what he calls pony tails. He had shown us a picture of two braids once and I do not know if that is what he means by pony tails.

    Last night he asked me how far is it to North Dakota. I told him it was very far away. He still says his last name was Sherlin. I asked him if he knew what his first name was and he said "Kade." I said no before when you had another mother. He said I think they called me Max. I said that is your dogs name. He said I know we have the same name. He is the one who named the dog. I do not think this is true. I think he is intertwining memories.

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