Have you reunited with your lost loved ones?

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    Hello there! :oops:
    My name is Tatiana Nikolaevna but you can call me Tatya!
    I was wondering who here has found people they lost long ago? How did you find these people? What are your opinions on if you are or are not meant to find ones you had a strong connection to?
    How have you found your family members? Strictly online? Or other methods?

    I have had success in finding many family, but not my dear mother whom I was the favorite of. I have found, from a life I'm extremely in tune with, my sisters
    Olga, Maria, Anastasia Romanov my Papa Nicholas II, my cousin Xenia and Nina Georgievna, Tatiana Konstantinovna, Aunt Victoria, and Aunt Marie.

    However every day it is crippling to me I do not have my mother. (Alexandra Feodorovna, Tsarina) I was passionately devoted to her and she to me. I always felt in this life I would find her. I feel it has to be, but I have not had luck.

    What do you all recommend? I have tried using social media but while it has brought me other family, it has not lead me to her..

    And many popular royal forums do not seem to allow reincarnation posts even though it is not against their rules many owners just don't like people claiming to be those they admire.
    On the forum theroyalforums although not stated as being against the rules and partaining to the topic of a royal, my post was deleted.
    I know only one other forum that is the "headquarters" if you will of all things Romanov but it now only allows a general discussion, not claiming.. it will be hard to write a post that adheres to that when I'm trying to find someone specific and my hope feels crushed now that I found out how hard it will be.

    What methods have many of you used to find loved ones? I have had no luck here yet and many other reincarnation forums look dead.. this is by far the most popular.

    There are many long time believers of reincarnation here, how have some of you done it? I'm so crippled by sadness over missing my mother.. :(
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