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Discussion in 'Members Lounge' started by AnnaNicole, Mar 17, 2018.

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    Hello I'm new here although I have been lurking on and off reading these forums for a couple of years. I have always felt out of place. Actually angry at times that I wasn't born into a different time. I have always associated with a couple of different time periods. And have at times found myself obsessively researching these time periods and enjoying things that remind me of these times. I have a name that I have loved since I was a child that I feel was mine at some point and I also had a year come to me randomly that I believe might be the year of my death in my last life. I met my husband at 14 and knew the moment I saw him for some reason that I was supposed to Marry him (he thinks it's weird that I thought that) and it was uncharacteristic of me to come up with I just knew. I have tried a couple of past life regressions on you tube but I have not yet been successful. I think subconsciously the idea of seeing my own death frightens me. I have always been put off by any type of violence I can't even watch fake TV violence or even shows where doctors are doing surgery or anything like That. Anyways I know I have gone on and on but I just wanted to introduce myself and thought I would mention a few things that have drawn me here.
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    Hi Anna, welcome to the forum. Your experience with life regressions is more common than most of us want (I have not been successful either). It seems to me that it is more common to just get small glimpses or feelings to let us know that there is more than our current experience.

    Feel free to expand upon the feelings and experiences that you have had:)
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