How can we hear our names for an entire lifetime, but not recall it in the next?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by hoping4change, Oct 2, 2012.

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    This is very interesting. I've never remembered any PL name of myself. And I do not care very much about it. Although I live in a Western country where having a name is part of your identity, my heart doesn't care. The name my parents use to call me by is not the same name as in my passport. But that's very common in this country. Later on in life, I changed two vowels myself. And during my life, people called me with so many names and variations, and I never cared. Lots of people call me by the name of my eldest son (Mother of...), or by my internet name (not firefly but another one) even if they know me in real life. My husband has a family name but in his culture, the children are named after father and grandfather. It's not a problem, you just ask: 'Who's child?' when you are confused about someone. Our families are also easy with giving nicknames to children or to each other, nicknames that can change from year to year.
    Concerning reincarnation: the lives that I probably have lived are low key, invisible on the radar of time. Until now anyway. So even a name wouldn't help me further. Until now.
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    I have trouble remembering past life names as well. I think it is because, in the end, names are not that important. Its the life that was lived that matters.
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    Through self-hypnosis I found out some of my past life names, places where I lived, periods, life lessons. You can try to have a past lives regression with a specialized hypnotherapist, or try self-hypnosis, meditation, ...
    You don't recall more important things about your past lives than your name.
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    “How can we hear our names for an entire lifetime, but not recall it in the next?”

    One answer to this could be that the identity of the personality is not as important as other factors which stem from that life-experience, and previous ones. There are three fundamental categories of Karma as fruits of actions arising from desire which are impressed upon the etheric body (Chhandogya Upanishad 6.14), the prana or the life force that continues. Until burned away in Liberation or fulfilled these will cling to the jiva (bound soul). These are:

    1) Sanchiita: that which is done is a past life and is latent as potential results or seeds. This can include the ill-deeds of ancestors (Rig Veda VII 86:5).

    2) Agami: that which is performed after Liberation while still in a body

    3) Prarbdha: that which is done is the present life and must be exhausted in some form.

    The memories that continue could be more akin to fragmented data on the’ hard drive’ of the prana.

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