How do you make use of your knowledge about your past lives?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by baro-san, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I wonder how others make use of their knowledge about their past lives.

    For me, at first, it was curiosity. Then, I tried to figure out if, and how, my lives were related to each other. Later, I tried to find which of my current life's people I also knew in past lives, and if any of their souls are closer to mine, "up there". Now, occasionally, I give some thought to some of the information that gleaned, but I, mostly, moved my focus to other fields of investigation.

    My main interest, related to these things, is to figure out what can be beneficial to my current incarnation's success, and to my higher being evolvement.

    Does anybody know a thread on this site that discusses this subject? Thanks.
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    To learn, I assume you would need plently of memories. If you have only few minutes or hours, it‘s basically useless. And you can‘t even pick them.
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    I'd love to be able to answer that question for both you and myself baro-san! Although I've read and appreciated your posts, I know little about you as your profile gives no indication of age, sex, or country - not that it makes a lot of difference, but it would help.

    In thinking about your question I'm faced with the question about what is meant by "success"? I currently feel as though I've been more of a failure than success despite having navigated my way to material and marital well being. Judging from what my lifetime actions have been I'm happy with most of my major decisions which is a biggy since regrets weigh heavily. It has taken me a long time to accept my mediocrity as I had intended to have done much more with my life than I actually accomplished and yet I have no pressing thing to achieve at this time other than to maintain my health and try to lighten the burden I place upon my wife.

    It is perhaps odd what small things stand out to be important in my review of my life, I've lost too many people who I've been close to through various means. The accomplishments seem trivial but there have been quite a few that stand out to me - mainly things that I have created like difficult computer programs that my local government is still using and seeing the homes that I've designed take form and then living in them, silly things like that have no significance beyond my small little world.

    Hopefully I've helped some people while working in the mental health field as well as other times in my existence for I've certainly received a lot of help from others during my now forty-seven years of life in a wheelchair - I do think that you reap what you sow. I've been relatively wealthy and relatively poor - there isn't all that much difference. I've found a couple of ways to help others anonymously that brings much more satisfaction than I could have imagined in my youth.

    Your health is of prime importance, be responsible for it, don't be totally reliant of medical "professionals". Relationships, navigating them and accepting outcomes is difficult, be careful in that area. Learn to forgive, including yourself!

    Regarding reincarnation, I have no real input as I think that I am simply experiencing a script that I negotiated a long time ago, of interest perhaps, I've recognized three or four "exit points" that I've passed and feel that for some reason am destined to complete the envisioned performance hoping to have passed the test if there was one.

    I'm starting to ramble so I'll stop.
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    Yep, what is succes? And WHY do we want succes? It’s a goal oriented approach to think like that.
    And what is btw the ultimate spiritual goal we are aiming at?
    And why would we want that?

    I once had a special dream. I was in another realm. All white. People dressed in white. Like some kind of cocktail party but nobody was eating nor drinking. Suddenly there was a buzz, a buzz of excitement went through all the participants of this gathering. GOD was coming by. I felt Her coming near and I became overexcited. Words and thougts were blown out of my mind and I was only able to watch and tremble.
    SHE was busy but took a moment to adress Herself to me. It was not a casual thing. She looked at me and asked this one question: What did you take with you and what did you do with it? All telepatically, of course.
    She didn’t expect me to answer. It was a question to take back home and contemplate about it the rest of my life.

    Well, I don’t believe in God as a human figure and I’ve always believed that our image of God is a reflexion of our own state of mind. But still, I think I met some Higher Being in that ‘dream’. I deduce that because of those high energies I felt and I was almost not able to endure them.

    And yes, I do contemplate this question on a regulare base. It’s completely up to me how to interpretate it.

    To me it is not about worldly succes. It contains the questions: do you know who you are? Do you know what you took with you when you jumped into life? Do you really know yourself? Do you really know your abbilities?

    At this moment, I am still busy with this part. I don’t have full vision of who I am and what I am capable of.
    Maybe (probably) I’ll never be able to answer this question in this life, but that doesn’t bother me much.
    I also realize it’s about the proces and not about the end result.
    I am supposed to emerge myself in this proces. In my dream it was not about the answer as well. It was about being aware and being in the proces.
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    I would quite like to have returned to art, as I painted in one pl. It wasn't to be though as other things had to take precedance. In my 60's now and have largely let go of the regret at not being able to persue it this time, but one day it suddenly occurred to me "Oh well. There's enough really good art in the world" and I sort of mostly let it go.

    I wasn't an old master or anything, and my water colours became illustrations for some 19th century childrens books but even that was good for a woman of the time who had no real training in art so at least it's a pleasant memory when I still sometimes see my pictures reproduced here and there ☺

    I'm sure a lot of us do subconciously do draw on our pl memories as we go through life.

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