How long until we reincarnate?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Ana.Creations, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Also, the sequence kind of makes sense:

    1. As a woman in India I was enslaved by Persian attackers. (800 years pass)
    2. Then I decided that I would not be treated like that again and became a soldier myself. (800 years pass)
    3. Then apparently I decided that being ordered around to kill others is pointless and instead I decided to go deeper and become spiritual. (800 years pass)
    4. In the current lifetime the focus on which I decided before birth is to experience freedom.
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    Actually it's the other way around, the population of the Earth is controlled by the other side.
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    It's a big puzzle if you want to plan your next life while you are on the Other Side. Especially when you do it consciously with many layers in your existence on Earth. You've got to organize a gathering with your friends and weave threads for the next life, wait for everybody to be present on the Other Side. It's a huge organizing. I've had many dreams around this subject. Very interesting, although I understand in my dream, once I am awake I am a bit confused. In my dreams, we don't do all the work ourselves. You can use general patterns and fill it in with your desires.
    You can also just jump in, without much planning. I think you can compare it with a fast-food meal, or a meal from a three-star restaurant. Whatever your taste.
    So, when you just jump in, you can return as fast as possible. If you want to wait for your dear friends and family to join you next time, you need more Earth years, and according to plan. So for example, if I want to be Graham76man's daughter next time (I use you as an example because your last post is above this one) we both have to die first, and I've got to wait until he/she (you can be either sex next time) is old enough and has found the right partner to make children. It takes earthly years.
    I also think everybody comes for different purposes, different interests.
    I also think there is another reason why the populations grow: we live in interesting times. In the past, situations in countries were the same for centuries, and nowadays change goes quick.
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    I can recall a past life in medieval times, one in the Victorian era, and one in WWII, and I was born in 1990. It seems to vary.
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    I too am aware of a case of about 9 years. However I think there is no rule for that. Most probably it all depends on whether we are ready to come back to this (or any other) physical plane.
  6. baro-san

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    3 years (2 cases)
  7. yvettebruneau

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    I'm only mostly aware of one lifetime previous to this, and that was back in WWII, though I have beliefs I was also present in Ancient Greece and Medieval Europe (potentially Scotland). There are, I also feel, holes that I have yet to fill. Voids within the span that is my soul's existence that I have yet to discover.
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    My condolences on your friends suicide. As to when your friend will decide to incarnate back into the physical will depend on them as we all have free will. In general there needs to be time spent on the higher dimensions before incarnating back into the physical. Because between incarnations here we all have cycles or lifetimes on the astral and mental planes as well. When your friend has had their life review and has gone thru some emotional and mental healing on the other side with those that specialize in helping others cross over only then will the soul be ready to take on the challenges of being physical again.

    There are many souls on the other side that have never been physical nor wish to be. They have taken on a different line of soul evolution separate from human beings where the astral plane would be the lowest expression possible for them. The physical plane is far to harsh and challenging for many. Only the brave and courageous souls wanting to accelerate their soul growth and unfoldment take on the challenges of the flesh as most of the learning is done here.

    However you might see your friend in dreams since their passing is still recent and more than likely they are still residing on the astral dimension still.

    Peace and love to you my dear...


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