how long will we incarnate?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Memeli11, Dec 27, 2017.

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    it is said to be 100 over lifetimes to stop incarnating as a human. So whats all next things we will incarnate as until we stop reincarnating? i heard we will incarnate as starseeds for millions of time. then how many times incarnate left until we stop incarnating?
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    Memeli11, you seem to have a lot of questions. I think that you would receive hundreds of different answers to each of them as the whole picture is not complete while we are in the "physical". If all of your questions that you have asked could be answered completely and accurately, your life would be a whole lot less interesting. How many lifetimes do you suppose it would take to learn how to love your enemies? How many lifetimes would it take to understand love and forgiveness? What you will get is opinions rather than facts, but that is also just my opinion:)

    Perhaps you should read some of the books suggested in the Book Section of the forum and find an author or two that is saying things that feel right to you and then branch out from there to try to understand the reason for our being born without memories of the specifics that you mention. Bare facts without understanding leads to obstacles rather than solutions, you need the background and how each part fits together before you can get reasonable answers to your questions. It is a common desire to take short-cuts, but it is like the desire to gain wealth and fame - until you learn how to handle money and finances, getting a lot of money will not enrich your life, and you can't be a Rock-star without learning your chords.

    I wish you well on your journey to understanding.
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    Good advice is always free, but from a lawyer you will get whatever advice to fool judge and jury. Ken gave you good advice. Go feed you head. But don't go chasing down rabbit's holes, especially the white rabbit's hole. Unless you are good ferret. Just like food, there is good and bad information. And some bad information will make you sick, like tainted food.
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