How "old" is the Spirutal/Astral "world"8

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    The number 8 can be looked upon as a symbol for infinity. Time, whether linear and also progressive in one direction, is argued by the majority to be non-existent in the spiritual world, and infinite in the physical world. Therefore how is age determined in the Astral World? I mean to ask about those arguments that state that there are old and new souls, and that the souls come Down to the physical world to learn and age in experience and knowledge. How is "age" determined up in those neck of the woods?

    And is there a spacial environment up There? I mean SPEED. Down here speed is a relationship between distance and time.

    Another thing is this concept that the souls come Down to the physical world to learn/progress in various areas and subjects. Why cannot the souls obtain this in the Astral World? What do the expert spiritualists or those that state to have visited the Astral World say about this?

    Some claim that we were never created and have always existed. OK, but if that is so, does not this admittance of having always existed present a difficulty when the same proponents are convinced that we are here to learn/experience things? If we could imagine how time relates to having always existed, it would be comparing that one single drop of water in an infinite ocean, where the whole of time is the drop of water, and always existing is the infinite ocean. And considering all that we can learn/experience in a single average human life span of say, 80 years, what is there to learn/experience that the soul has not already done so zillion and zillion upon zillion of times?
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    I have no solutions to those questions, only my own thoughts about them.

    Time is a question that seems central to all sections of your post, and one that has perplexed me as well. The answer that my right-brain tells me involves the Idea of perspective somehow. Substituting movement for time, it is like the tire on an automobile where you pick one spot on the tread and first think of it in regard to the vehicle and the ground it is traveling on. Let’s say the vehicle is moving at a-mile-a-minute, from the perspective of the vehicle the “spot” just moves in circles, but from the perspective of the ground, the “spot” varies from having no movement (when touching the ground) to going twice as fast as the vehicle when it is furthest from the ground. Add one more perspective, the one that none of us here are able to define, and the perspective is the “spot” itself and everything else may be spinning around it and there is no “forward” or “backward” movement.

    Andy Weir wrote something that set my mind on a pleasant journey of thought that might interest you.

    IMO there are things that can only be experienced in the physical (a parent with dementia, inability to communicate, dealing with personal illness/disability, relationships, parenting, pain, etc.) that might be necessary for understanding. And, as for repeating things until they are completely understood, it must be a little more complicated than we think to truly "Get it".
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    Good questions and questions that many have pondered.

    We use terms like 'up' and 'down' and 'old' and 'young' for want of better words, but in the 'other world' these terms don't really have much meaning. In an existence without time and space, there is no use for words like these. They are nonsensical.

    A lot of people say we come here to learn. But do we? Maybe we come just to have experiences? To feel sensations? To feel emotions? For a holiday from eternity? I don't really know the answers to all this. I can only guess.

    But, why do we sleep? To rest. Of course. All animals and even plants sleep in one way or another. You'd think there would be a evolutionary advantage in never sleeping. Always being on the alert, never being vulnerable and needing a safe place to hole up. But yet, after millions upon millions of years, no animal has ever evolved that never needs to sleep. Not even sharks. Makes you wonder why doesn't it? Makes me wonder at least.

    We need to sleep to rest and repair our bodies. OK. But why dream? Dreams are obviously more than just random memory storage as many people think. There must be something more going on. In dreams we can do all kind of impossible things. We can fly, we can die, we can get hurt without consequences. We wake up the next day good as new.

    I personally think life is a little like a dream. A 'holiday' or a rest from the other reality. Just as we must sleep as a rest from this reality. We are mysterious in many ways that people have as yet really got no idea about - excluding of course many shamans and possessors of ancient wisdom that most 'westeners' dismiss as hocus pocus of course.
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    My experiences tell my that dreams are an aspect of our true realities and that "life is but a dream". Just my two cents.

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