How to know LOA is working?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by jojo0711, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Hi there! Im not sure if I’m posting this in the right form.
    I’m fairly new to Law of attraction and I’m still learning.
    I’ve used it successfully before and got my dream job! I was wondering what are clear signs of LOA is working if you’re trying to manifest a specific person.
    (A little back story)
    I met someone a few years ago through a mutual friend who I had this strong instantaneous connection with and also had the feeling that we’ve met before even though it was the first time we met. The only other time I felt this sort of feeling was when I met my best friend. I haven’t been able to shake that feeling and always wished I would have seen where it took me but I was way shy. Fast-forward to now. He is a singer for a band that has had a “one hit wonder” kind of song. Even though he’s become more well known he’s still his humble sweet self.
    I’ve been trying to manifest the opportunity to meet him again. I do the 17sec LOA method. From the first day I started I felt like signs were jumping out at me.
    Day 1; I saw he posted a cover of him preforming an older not well known Coldplay song. A couple mins later as I was watching TV that same Coldplay song came on.
    Day 2; I feel like I’ve been hearing his first name everywhere. I heard before that a random strong gust of wind could indicate a sign as well. as I was meditating the other day as I started my 17sec loa a STRONG gust of wind came out of no where and as soon as it started it stopped. It was as calm as could be after that.
    Day 3; as I mentioned previously they have had a “one hit wonder” type of song a few years back. I haven’t heard the song in a long time but the past couple days I’ve been hearing it everywhere. Radio, Tv, stores.

    Could this all be a coincidence or signs?
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    What is LOA?
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    Law of Attraction?
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    My understanding (from teachings channeled from advanced entities like Seth-Roberts and Abraham-Hicks) is that we create our physical reality with our beliefs, and implicitly our doubts, and fears. Your final question says that you have doubts, you don't really believe that you can materialize your latest wish, in spite of already having success in asking for and getting your dream job, and in spite of the signs / synchronicities you described. The Universe will oblige, and you'll get it later, if ever.

    I neither support nor discard the Law of Attraction, and the teachings behind it, but I believe I understand how it is supposed to work. I also just googled the 17 seconds method, channeled by Esther Hicks from Abraham. As with all these methods, it isn't the formal procedure that can bring results, but what it is behind it: breaking the barrier between conscious and subconscious (by putting us in some kind of altered state of consciousness), and giving direct suggestions to our subconscious. Suggestions are not the words we say or think, but what is in our mind, what we truly believe.

    So, to have success, you have to truly believe you're getting your wish now; no doubts, no questions in the back of your mind. The "17 seconds when you wake up" is based on the fact that immediately when we wake up we are in a favorable, suggestible state of consciousness. If you wake up dreading the day ahead, the Universe will oblige; if you start the day truly being positive, the Universe will oblige too, it is taught.
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    The LOA works in my life. I haven't read the books or theories mentioned above but of course, I heard about them in conversations and articles. It even worked before I was aware of the theories and I could give a list of the most bizarre and unbelievable incidents in my life.
    In my case, the trick is really needing something and complete trust that it will work out fine. I guess the 'need' generates a special energy, I have no clue how it works, but it does work. Often within 24 hours.
    I cannot manipulate people's behaviour with it (of course I tried... haha) and it doesn't work with impossible wishes (like: I want to become the emperor of China within a week).
    In fact, it is not even a trick, not even a method in my life. It is more like a moment of realising that something is needed or missing, but genuinely. And nothing more than that. No obsession or (repeated) ritual. And it comes to me.
    @jojo0711 If I were in your shoes I wouldn't use this energy to manipulate another person's behaviour to make him/her contact you. Just pick up your phone and call this person or send a message by a social medium. In this action, you can ask all the invisible help you need to establish contact and asking: Hey, remember me? I never forgot your nice presence when we met two years ago and so on, and so on..... If the feeling was mutual, he will remember you and give a response. If not.... it was not mutual and you have to get on with your life anyway.
    Living with these energies is not only casting spells and waiting for results, like a sorcerer or an old witch :p. Often you have to step into the flow and trust the good outcomes. You have to participate as well. I don't know what 'the books' say about this part, but it's my experience.
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    This reminds me of the old story of the guy who was always praying to God asking him to win in the lottery, praying for years and after his death when he was asking why he just never won God says " You never bought a lottery ticket!" :D

    Sorry!!!! Just call him - like fireflydancing said ;)

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