How would you know if you've found a friend from a past life?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Lady0605, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Sep 8, 2019
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    I met this Korean girl who is a few years older than me and we become closer immediately. We text each other everyday and we are very close even after half a month. I feel like I've known her for years. Could she possibly be someone I knew from a past life?
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    hi, yes she could be. You could find out through memories from past life/lives. For me it has been the feeling of closeness, familiarity and a love that should not be there so soon but is like it was there from the start, an extra input of emotions. For years I only "knew" that my own husband had to be someone from my past life to then during a meditation find out who he was, a soldier, found him (due to his past life teasing and persistent way of letting me know as a nurse assistant during war how to spell and pronounce his Irish name, by the way - he lost that war - no one today spell his last name like that no more). When I found a photograph of him I couldn't believe it. I could see it was him, yet not, but there are certain things still there, no wonder I had found his looks familiar,his personality, his essence :) (And he still has that teasing quality about him, which at times, to be fair, can drive me crazy, but I am sure I do the same to him, maybe we were put together to learn about patience, ha ha)

    Best Wishes
    Li La
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    Why not? You could ask her to hear her opinion as well.
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    Hi !

    I think she could very well be a soulmate of yours. One become close fast. One has stronger emotions involved, working both ways. There is a familiarity. It does not matter how little or how much time will pass - one is still close as soon as one sees each other and/or start talking. One become grounded. There is such joy there.

    I had for years a friend who had psychic abilities and came from a spiritual family. I did not. Years into this friendship I finally one day told her about my memories from a past life ( which was mentally a huge journey for someone like me to take and my family has never understood ). I thought she would just laugh at me and I was ready to laugh with her, feeling stupid. She didn't. Instead she said we had been friends back then too, said who she had been, said detailed things about my husband in that life that she could not have known. It blew my mind.

    ( After research in another country far away from ours I found both of our former selves and both our husbands and we had lived in the city she had remembered and I found evidence that they had known each other. We would both go through divorces and she remembered at a trouble period in the marriage how sad, introverted and easily frighten I had seemed and the pain in my husband's eyes, and how he would sound serious, close to anger. )

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    To some extent this isn't a question I think we need to answer with any certainty. Over the years, in different times and places, I've met many people who have been good friends, and a number of them have played significant roles in my present life. But were any of them friends from a past life?

    I find it hard to answer that question for myself. Only once, one of the earlier encounters which didn't need any questioning at the time, with hindsight I'd say we probably knew one another before. Among all of the others I'm somewhat neutral. I don't question the quality of the friendship or their worth as a person, but I feel it is right that we should value and treasure other people even if this is our first encounter. In that respect, I don't press the question regarding people in my own life, to try to distinguish would not seem to be of any benefit - from my perspective of course.
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    May 23, 2016
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    What life do you think she is from? Where? You can even show them old pictures of where you think you were both friends and see if she recognises. Or you could talk about things you both used to do together.

    I’ve met a lot of my friends from my WWII lifetime. Some were not my friends in this lifetime, they were family.

    I think we met people for a reason and to be frank, they could have been from anywhere. One friend I have in this lifetime was one of my Pharaoh father’s High Priest of Anubis in my second AE lifetime. Ironically they were in Germany too, but I did not know them then.

    You won’t know until you try and explore ;)

    Eva x

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