Husband plagued by what happened in our past life. How do we get help for this?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Lois, Feb 11, 2018.

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    What can me and my husband do? His jealousy is out of control. He says he's plagued by memories from our past life in which I unwittingly cheated on him: We were married, he went off to war, I thought he had died, so I eventually got sexually/romantically involved with someone else. When he returned from war, he was confronted with this. We reunited, he forgave me. But now he is plagued and he thinks this is what is behind his irrational jealousy in this life time. Ideas? (he is not able to go to someone for past life regression, though he could use an audiotape, cd, or book/self help, if there's something like that. He's done past life regressions before).
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    Welcome to the forum Lois, the forum guidelines are pretty specific about the limitations for helping for obvious reasons. However there are a number of things that can be offered that are allowed. My first thought was whether or not he feels as though he is the same person/personality that he was in his past life and with the same attitude and values. If he does not find himself in an identical life as the one he remembers, how can he be sure that this life's circumstances will be the same?

    Here is a thread that includes some videos and here are some audios for regression if you are interested.

    There are several members here that, like your husband, feel that this lifetime is somehow an Extension of a previous lifetime rather than a New path of experience. Personally, I have no clear memories, only some snapshots, so I can not truly relate perhaps. I think it is destructive to bring such thoughts into this lifetime since it creates problems like the one that you are experiencing - I'm perhaps better off being ignorant in this way!
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    What I'd say to your husband is that in every incarnation each person creates their own reality with their thoughts. So he should be careful with his obsession. He attracts into his life both what he wants, and what he doesn't.

    Regarding reincarnation, as far as I know, even if all our incarnations have in common the same higher self, each incarnation has their own physical personality, life setups don't repeat, and it is even more unlikely with the same pair of higher selves.
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    Jealousy is his own problem, not yours, no matter what happened in a previous life.

    Which relationship (1 or 2) is most likely to break apart?

    1) He's confident in your love, stays open and honest, is accomplished with his own skills, pursues his goals, takes responsibility for his own feelings, respects you, trusts you, supports you, helps you follow your dreams because it makes him happy to see you fulfilled, etc. People who risk vulnerability create the best conditions for relationship success. And if a partner is unworthy of trust it's best to simply end the relationship.

    2) He's always suspicious of you, suspecting you might cheat, suspecting your friends, suspecting strangers, accusing you of lying, closing you in, depriving you of support, holding himself back with fear, blaming you for his feelings, hurting you because he doesn't trust you, won't accept your kindness, won't believe you chose him, etc. People who live based on fear create hell for their partners. Loving someone isn't enough to prevent this treatment from causing trauma and eventually driving them to illness, death, or separation in order to survive.

    IMO Even a saint would be severely wounded by obsessive jealousy. If a jealous individual doesn't take charge of finding a way to heal themselves, without blaming anyone else, even their soul mate will likely have to leave the relationship in order to fulfill their life's purpose and calling. Most of us are here to touch many lives one way or another.

    The only answer that can help him is to learn to have confidence in his worth, to take responsibility for his own thoughts and habits, to recognize and share what he has to offer in a relationship, and to build the kind of relationship you wouldn't want to leave.

    If he chooses not to take charge of his feelings he will probably create the danger (of losing you) that he fears. He might not find someone who believes in past lives, but he probably does need professional counselling of some kind to help him work through this. They don't need to believe in past lives to help him find healthier ways to handle his relationship with you.

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