I Dont Know My Past Life

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    I dont remember my past life. But i have this hobby to watch old movies and documentaries about the 40s, 50s and 60s that others find it weird for me.

    I also like writing stories.. that my mind can't stop thinking and telling me to write and write more. I like watching tv series too... and as a man, its kinda gay watching romantic comedy series. I also have this hobby making short films when I was in college too.

    I never had dreams of my past life, but sometimes I see unfamiliar people in my dreams that feels like i know them for a long time. Sometimes i feel deja vu too.

    Are these connected to my past life? Sometimes i ask myself why am I different to other guys. Im not gay but i feel like i was a woman back then. haha.
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    You'll discover that many of us remember being a different gender in the past. You seem worried about projecting masculinity this time around, which probably means it was very important to you to be male this time.

    I'm going to make room for any possibility for one paragraph, just in case... Even if you were gay it wouldn't make you less of a man ... if you were trans you would be just as worthy and respectable a human being. If you happened to be bi, or gay and fear those emotions, please understand that even if others mock you this doesn't make you ugly or wrong. They are the fools for looking down on someone who deeply appreciates and values another person. Why would that ever be a bad thing, no matter the gender?

    When you're straight you don't need to force people to believe you are not gay, because it's simply obvious that your true interest is in women, right? Anyone who says otherwise is just exposing their own imaginations, not exposing you.

    You don't need to fight to force others to accept something that simply is true, that you are a man (and straight). Your own confidence in who you are can set your emotions out of reach of the people who attempt to mock you in such a foolish way. What they're doing is the equivalent of laughing at a tree and mocking it for being a gem. It just makes them look foolish for thinking that this even functions as an insult in the first place. If the tree were a gem then being called a gem would be a simple statement of truth ... and a compliment because both are beautiful. Because it is a tree, it just exposes their inability to tell the difference.

    It might help you to realize that it's perfectly reasonable for a "real man" to enjoy romantic stories, old movies, singing, writing, and dancing, etc. After all, men are just as capable of creativity, compassion, empathy, and grace ... and love is universal. We need male dancers, ice skaters, actors, writers, artists, and romantics in this world. What on earth would we do to balance our culture and creative expression if all these traits only had a feminine dimension? None of these traits prevent or limit masculinity. There are many cultures throughout history in which "a real man" was expected to enjoy poetry, romance, dance, etc. to balance out their warrior skills. Many of our most famous men from the past had these traits.

    You're facing a "modern" culture that judges you for interests that would have been (and still are) celebrated in a man elsewhere. So be kinder to yourself. The ones who want to box you into such strangely biased limits are the fools. Their idea of masculinity is ugly, unbalanced, and warped.

    By the way, your interest in media from the 40's can easily indicate a past life at that time. If you were a woman through that time, then maybe your dislike of potentially being "seen as feminine" is rooted in misogyny and unfair treatment you may have gone through in that life. Many have chosen to switch genders because they didn't want to suffer the insults and attacks received due to their gender in the last life. I'd be curious if you ever experience memories that might explain why this is such a concern for you.

    If so, one excellent way to deal with that motivation for being masculine this time is to become the kind of man a woman is safe with, don't you think? If your life partner and female friends can share their creativity, romanticism, and so on with you as equals then don't you think they'll be all the more confident in your love and respect?

    You're already a man this time around, sir. It's okay to be your version of a man, not some stereotype. Why not enjoy the benefit of these traits you've been worrying over and invest them to become the kind of man your female past life persona would have trusted and loved? Respect yourself. These traits are gifts, not something to fear.
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