I have a big problem.

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Jim78, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Information wise about Satan is that there is a lot of entities have taken up the name even though the name itself is actually a title, the Satan that people refer to is likely no longer a major player in this game of life like almost everyone else so who knows. One of the problems with this world is that it is over exposed to darkness and the dark entities well beyond what had been intended due to past mistakes over the eons. The solution on God's end is to basically close the books on this version and give humanity another chance elsewhere instead of having us make do with it all as is however there are some years before that happens. As for the darkness that was only meant for spirits to have some experiences where ultimately coming back into the light, where it goes wrong is that they get stuck or choose to not return preferring to stay there similar to how people are in this world rather than choosing to go elsewhere with each incarnation.

    As for reincarnation and Christianity it was a corner stone in the first church however it was removed during the Roman era along with dozens of books from the Bible as well many small changes in the existing scriptures. They didn't scrub everything so there are small hints that are easily distorted to fit existing doctrines. Essentially the Roman church removed a whole testaments worth of material as well decidedly didn't record what was in the oral traditions of the first church for which has been lost with the exception of several dozen books like Enoch ect. My advice is to search for what is and not be constrained by doctrines of the modern church and modern opinions of those in the churches as that puts a lot of limits on spiritual growth.
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    Hi Jim, thank you for taking my reply to you in a good way :)

    you are the first to see time the way I do it, I think, on this forum. Because you see things in visions I see that as a sign that you are attractive to the being, this is because you are able to do this.

    I agree it feels as if such a being wants one to be weaker and weaker, it is comparable to a cat and mouse game, but I still don't think it is as powerful as it wants everyone to think, there has to be a way to get it to move away from you, but what, right? I still feel that you yourself may help with this by changing something within yourself.

    Is there a way to shut off your vision gift? Something you have noticed in your past that will help you cut it off? This to help push it away, at least further away from you if not all the way.

    I believe, and this will not be popular, that we are all ill prepared for all the things that exists in the afterlife. We only talk of light and goodness and God and Jesus. I have seen what I think is war angels, at least they are aware of the battle between good and bad. I think the other side is reflecting us and we are reflecting them, energies. Good energies. Bad energies. They are both just as real.

    I had to shut off completely from meditating and when ever I start to feel calm, and start to feel, see things I try to get out of this state. I could not handle it. I got more effected by what ever it is that is bad "over there" than what is good.

    It might not have helped my case that I had a vision from long time ago when I belonged to a tribe where a male relative sold me off to a white man. I had to do what he said. In that life I became bad. I went to a holy ground and summoned all the bad spirits, energies, to help me, even change me, take over me in my plan for revenge. I think it is perhaps then what ever it now was got attached to me and even when I had evolved to hopefully be a better person of light in a future life it was still there.

    In my life then as a girl, Laura, they viewed us as one and the same, the parent figure I then lived with saw the small fires at home to be caused by me but she did not know how. It would start on the table for example in a room I was not even in, and I did not know how. She treated us (the kids) badly and I could feel myself turning bad, bad thoughts, because of it. When I predicted a fire on a floor in a building where women worked when we were outside going by it she had had enough of me and turn me over to the Mormons. They began working on me to help understand. I think they too knew something bad was attached to me. I lived in a family and worked for them, where the father of the family was a Mormon priest. I never forget one time as I stood by a horse carriage and looked out. Meanwhile there was a baptism going on. Something made the father of the family look at me a certain way, as if he was aware of something. I could get dark thoughts. I wonder why I was not part of the baptism just like everyone else was, and why he looked up to me this way, where I stood further away, as if I was not allowed. Perhaps it was because of the dark being attached to me. He had a stern, worried look that he gave me.

    I think my choice in that life and some others was that I chose life partners that were of warriors-kind but could also push me down because I did not want the bad in me to take charge, like I wanted to be submissive. This sounds so bad, I know. The original me, the girl from the tribe, was just like them, so I saw them in me and me in them, in good and bad.

    I understand you were of a warrior-kind in your past life. Could it be that the being has been one of your enemies in this life? As we know warrior-kinds can not help but get enemies along the way. If it is someone who is holding a grudge against you? I don't know why I thought of Patton, but I think it is the Ireland connection, and from my quick check-up he lived later than your past life self. I might just have confused the names, I'm sorry.

    I am sorry too I press on all buttons here, but I am trying from my perspective to see if you could in your past have done something like I did when I belonged to a tribe in a past life, or if it could be from your life as a warrior-kind? I think if you find the answer to why you can re-boot yourself and help yourself this way, plus need the help from others, the good side, to battle him. Mine took long time to battle, there were times I doubted it worked or would get easier, but it did. I know the feeling of not having control.

    Just want to add I have overweight too, but it beats being a diet-pill-addictive housewife like I was in my past life any time ;) In these times I think it is good to have a little extra :)

    Best Wishes

    Li La
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    Hey Jim here's my two cents, as a fellow soldier who experienced simular problems, here's what happend to me. I had similar problems that affected my health and my everyday life. Also as a kid i had nightmares of the demonic nature up until i was 10 evey night. Needless to say i went through hell as a kid, my parents couldnt calm me down for like 3 hours from my screaming in fear. Anyways, it could be one of three. A curse from someone, someone who means you hard. It could be something you picked up while spending time in certain places. Or it could be karmic, eihter way its nasty. I had more then a few attacks, some i managed to deal with my self, some i had to get professional help. SO here's what i did, a friend of my a fellow soldier told me about this DERVISH who helps people with this sort of thing. I went there it was weird as heck and very unplesant a kind of exorcism where he prayed for me and spoke some words, and PUFF! it was gone i couldn't believe it. Apparently this guy is a real holy man thats why he has power to do this kind of things. After i left it was the weirdest stuff ever, like i had a ton of fluid in my brain pressing on it, that suddenly drained, really weird i felt light and i felt great. after that i didn't have much problems of the same sort. But from my understanding the man who does this stuff has to have great spiritual power, i mean i tried all sorts of stuff but nothing worked as my personal energy was weak from being constantly drained, and i didn't have divine protection because of my karma from previous lives as i killed a lot of people in NAM. Second thing you can try is a good technique my friend taught me. i had sleep paralysis for quite a while that was a really shitty experience. I would try to wake up and felt someone sitting on my chest. I wasen't afraid when i was older but those creatures have some kind of aura of terror that drains your energy and after you wake up you feel like complete ****. So heres the technique, when you get attacked close your mouth and do this kind of a sucking like you are slurping from a straw, as HARD AS YOU CAN and feel the entity getting sucked in then SWALLOW, just imaging you are swallowing something.IF you do it properly you will in turn steal his energy and he will disaprear. Repeat a few times and he will learn his lesson. These creatures pray on people with weak or cracked AURA, which quilifies us with traumas as perfect meal for them. Let me know how you did bro ! This technique saved my *** a few times, two times i even saw the creature in real life as some kind of blue skinned man sitting on top of my chest, really weird stuff.
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    Hi all. An update.

    I've had this monkey on my back for just over a year. On Tuesday I was travelling on a bus helping a friend with something. My biggest fear was that the entity would reveal itself to me, presumably at the moment of my death. I also feared that my family would see the horror in me at that point and that they would be forever haunted by it.

    Anyway, I was on the bus and there was a mirror in front of my seat. It was dark as we travelled. I looked into the mirror fearing that I would see the beast behind me where I always felt its presence.

    I looked and saw myself, behind me there was another me who was exactly the same. I couldn't figure out where the double reflection was coming from but I dismissed it as it was just a reflection.

    I got to my friends and we were having a drink. He said I was twitching and asked if it was the monkey on my back. I said no, I'm fighting with myself. The monkey is just using it against me.

    I went home the next day and fell asleep exhausted. The entity always stalked me through my sleeping state but never fully revealed itself. Yet as I dreamt I was in the kitchen of my childhood home. My mother, sisters and twin babies who I don't know were there. The entity elevated me and floated me across the ceiling. Then it stopped. I told my mother she must believe me now. She said no, it was probably wires. Yet my sister looked me in the eye and said "I believe you." I felt a peace come over me and asked why? She then started freaking out and said "I saw the looks of blind horror in the babies eyes because they could see what was stalking you."

    Then the dream cut to me lying in bed. The entities arm slung over me as usual. I tried to move it but it felt like I was under concrete. So I reached under the cover and grabbed it by its mouth. I pulled it out saying "Come ere ye ****!"

    Then I saw its mouth. Its had the most evil, creepily delighted beastly smile I'd ever seen in my life. The most horrible thing I've ever seen. It let me drag it out so it could see my fear that it was merely a cat toying with a mouse. I was horrified but then a calm washed over me as it licked its lips like Hannibal Lector at me. I said "Try it gobshyte." Then I woke up.

    I saw the beast, my worst fear, and I wasn't afraid. My sister finally believed me in the dream to and wished she hadn't.

    Then images appeared on my waking real life kitchen window that indicated to me that my life was on track and that I really was in a battle between light and dark.

    I realised my fight wasn't with Satan. Satan's a child and can only be what he is. My fight was with myself.

    The next morning I saw my past life sisters smiling face in my kitchen window.

    That evening I went for a nap but was thinking too much to sleep. I realised I was too critical of myself, too hard on myself. That I was fighting my shadow self when really I should embrace it and learn to love myself. That's what God saw in me. That I was too hard on myself.

    My problem has always been that I expect too much of myself and chastise myself for not being perfect.

    I got out of bed and looked at my kitchen window. A grey mass was forming outside of it. The entity sent chills through my body but I endured it and didn't look away. The mass formed into my late fathers face. He was the one who had set me on this path 6 and a half years ago in a visitation dream.

    I broke into a huge smile and said to him "Alright Daddy. ( I never called him Daddy ) I got the message. I've been fighting with myself all along. My father's spirit broke into a huge, benign smile.

    The other me on the bus was my shadow self. That's what has been stalking me. Whether the entity is real or merely a manifestation I do not know. I still feel it but it doesn't matter. I'm healing.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Hi Jim. That's some rough stuff you're dealing with. It's a journey through something. Partly I can connect with what you describe, not because I've had anything like that, but the dark and the light and wrestling with myself, that I can understand.

    It sounds like a large part of that is now behind you, you moved past it, which is good. I wish you well as you continue to heal.
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