I have hit reincarnation rock bottom.

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Marshall, Dec 2, 2019 at 7:07 AM.

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    I don't know where to begin with this. I'm aware of my previous lives. I've had several past life regressions. I've also seen three different psychics and they all told me the same thing which confirms my past life regressions and memories. My current life is my worst one ever.

    I'm going backwards in reincarnation and I've fallen along way since my best life ever. All of my previous lives except one were average lives. I wasn't anybody important or famous and while I don't know the details of each previous life I have a feeling that I was generally content during those lives.

    My best life ever was was in the late 2900s BCE. I don't know how accurate that date is but when I think about it that's the date range that's stuck in my head even though there's nothing I can remember about it that would be able to pin an ancient society's calendar to our current calendar.

    In the late 2900s BCE I was the king of my city-state. Life was good at least until I lost a war and my city-state was destroyed. After that I went to live in another country. Even then I have a feeling that my life as an exiled ruler was still better than my current life.

    I'm pining for this particular previous life. I wish I could live it all over again because in that life I was everything I'm not in this life. Why can't I get some of the personality I had 4920 years ago? I had to have had something going for me to make it to being a king. Most of all, I miss the wife I had in that lifetime. I wish I could be married to her again.

    The memory of that past life tortures me. I dreamed about it seven nights in a row.
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    What about our having free will in choosing each next life?

    We choose each concrete life for a reason.

    There's no one else to hold responsible for, if you don't like the lives you yourself chose.

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    Hi Marshall, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles and how you view your quality of life decreasing.

    Though I agree with Cyrus, that we may have some freedom in choosing where we want to live and who to be in each life, I don't think it's quite as simple as that. I think the degree to which we're able to choose is similar to our ability to choose while we're living on earth. Sometimes there's less and sometimes there's more, depending on all our circumstances.

    But even if we had a "complete" freedom to choose, in a manner of speaking, that would still not mean that we are free from the influence of our own past. People make mistakes, sometimes we choose something that we only think is the best thing for us. And it's not even about choosing right or choosing wrong, but simply the reality being different from our expectations. We don't know everything, whether we're human or a spirit, no matter what our current state is, we're still only an angle to the reality, sometimes relatively bigger or smaller, sometimes detailed and sometimes a little detached with a "wider" view but no matter how we see the reality we'll never see everything about it, since that would prevent us from seeing anything at all.

    So, without actually knowing anything about you, I won't try to guess the circumstances of your particular case. I'll just share some general possibilities that come to mind. I think it is possible that you might have chosen a starting point to your current life that you thought was good for you until you were actually there experiencing it for yourself. It might also be that in this life you've acted differently than you thought you would, before you were born to this life. Or it might be possible that you saw the suffering that might come to you but for some reason thought it necessary even though it doesn't make sense to you now. Or it might be that you reacted to something you wanted to change from your previous life/lives, big or small, and that ended up resulting in something you couldn't have seen coming. These are just some ideas. The reasons for our choices can be so complex.

    Personally, I chose my current life based on an idea I had, that has turned out to be too vague. There were certain things I wanted to change and certain benefits I wanted to reap, since I had not yet lived in the "modern" times. Basically I saw this life as an opportunity to do a lot of things I had not yet had chance to do, and of course I knew that each benefit will have its natural counterpart that I'll have to suffer. But I did not know exactly what these things would be or feel like, since I had only observed them, not yet felt them personally. So I've had both great happiness and some suffering I could not have predicted.

    I guess all I'm trying to say is that only you can know what happened in your past lives that lead you to your current situation, and which part of it was your choice and which part wasn't. But also that the answer is probably rather complex, not just one simple answer but rather a web of them, or a chain of events. And you will probably have to seek to understand yourself, and what you've been through, in a very patient, gentle manner and you're going to need a lot of forgiveness for yourself and other people in your lives, to be able to unlock about your past what you need, to understand your current life.
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  4. Jaimie

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    Hi Marshall,

    I am sorry too you have it so bad.

    I think there might be something there you have to go through.

    For me in my past life I could not get my love life in order. The few loves I had was different type of guys, with one thing in common -- a bad temper, so I remember having my life threaten, being beaten now and then and the mental abuse also that came with this in these few ( but not all of these, 2 stood out as "just" having famously known bad tempered ) men.

    I found proof too that this happened as I found my past self, and could read about the abuse I remembered in a yellow old newspaper. It even happened in public. And I had to spend time in hospital due to the physical injuries.

    Back in those days the legal system was not like it is today in Europe and in the US to make it illegal to beat up etc a partner or ex partner.

    I can't really say what I was suppose to learn about all of that. I have read, though in this life, that sadly people who are in one abusive relationship tend to slip right back into another new abusive relationship. Perhaps because one has not healed enough in between ? I don't know... It was perhaps not such a surprise the stress was too much for me and I got anxiety in that life, had sleeping trouble, and became depressed.

    In this current life a young man got interested in me in a romantic way and I just had this feeling, my gut feeling, that this guy had a bad temper. No one else saw this. And I thought to myself - not again, never again. He reminded me of one of my past life loves. He was persistent, several years, actually, never known anyone to be that stubborn, and the way things were was that we could not get out of each other's way either, at the time. I had a friend with psychic abilities and she used to have visions of the future as well ( so many came true, spooky stuff ). She would tell me that she saw me with him and I was expecting a baby ( surprisingly early, I'd say as I was quite young and had never thought of becoming a young mother... ). I told her straight off that even though he was charming and good looking ( other girls liked him, but he was stubbornly single ) I was still sure that he had a bad temper. I refused to give in.

    And he did have it, as it turned out. And he was jealous ( no use for that as I was not interested in someone else either and I was not dating anyone ). It was a shocker when people saw this, to them, they had never seen that side to him. Everything just stopped. And it was directed at me.

    I don't know if this was my fault - that I pushed his buttons after not having responded back to him, so I had this coming, but on the other hand I don't think he was in his right to do this to me regardless as I had never been unkind to him, or strayed him along or anything like that. I had always treated him with respect. And I had always tried to really get out of his way. I was also, regardless of what, painfully shy. My friend, with all her psychic abilities, had not seen that one coming with his temper and jealousy being so bad. She was shocked too. I was the only one who wasn't.

    After some time, out of the blue, she told me she saw me with another man in the future. And one day I actually did meet him and we did get married and start our own family. He has temper, but not a bad one. I am not afraid with him like I remembered that I was in my previous life. He has never done any of the physical abuse I sadly remembered happened to my past self.

    I suppose my conclusion is that what ever I had to work through - was worked through in the past and then taken with me in the present one. And because I had my free will and I stood by my free will no matter what: I ( finally ) ended up with something ( or rather someone ) that suit me better. We've been together for a very long time now. I am so grateful for this.

    I hope things turns around for you so you can enjoy this life as much as you did that life so very long ago, everything can change, you know.

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    Hi, Marshall

    I remember that my current life was chosen in a very simple way. I just wanted to live in peace. When I was a child I was very poor, but I know it was necessary because in my previous life I made enough money that was wasted. I wanted to live in a Latin American country different from the United States. I wanted to be a simple, normal person, really. Unfortunately the memories of my previous life are still in my mind. I'm constantly suffering panic attacks. Last year I was diagnosed with BDP. I thought my current life would be very easy because I chose to be an ordinary person, but I still feel empty sometimes. Teaching music and guitar to my students makes me happy, although I miss many people. I know I'll be able to meet these people again, because... we have planned to be together many times! Sometimes we decide to stop seeing someone in a specific life, because we need to grow and move forward, although that means feeling pain.

    About personality, in all lives we are different. I have past lives where my behavior was very different from the behavior I have now. Sometimes I wish to have talents or personalities that I had in the past, but I am aware that I am now someone else.

    The soul remains the same, but we have differences. All the people we went to in the past had their own egos, thoughts, upbringings, and lessons. Yes, we chose our life, but I see it as seeing a leaf with an overview. It's like a dream. "Oh, this will be my life", idelizing what will happen, but when you are here... things get very difficult.

    All this I've written is my opinion, I may be wrong, but that's what I think.

    I'm sorry for my English.

    Thanks for posting this. I guess a lot of people will feel identified with you.
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    It is not the fact of that you have hit ‘reincarnation rock bottom’ there something you WANT from that lifetime which MAKES YOU WANT to be back there. You need to look at what you are pining or longing for from that lifetime.

    For me, from my Ancient Egyptian Queen and Pharaoh lifetimes (18th/19th Dynasty) I wanted the simplicity of life. Where as a Queen/Mother the only serious two things I had to worry about was keeping my daughters healthy and keeping the people of Egypt happy. As Pharaoh, I continually worried about making the same mistake — not keeping the people of Egypt happy) and the only thing I had to worry about was which one of my sons would live long enough to succeed me to the throne? I ended up being called and are still called ‘Egypt’s Great Grandfather’ so I must have done something right.

    I wanted the simplicity of being royal (you said yourself you longed for your King lifetime) where everyone did stuff for me, but now I have learned throughout my non-Royal lifetimes that if I want something done I do it myself.

    The same with my WWII lifetime. I wanted and longed to be back in Germany, but it took a lot of soul searching to realise that I didn’t want to be back in wartime and Jewish persecution — but I wanted who I had with me in that lifetime. I wanted the people I had around me and I am very lucky to have them as my Spirit Guides in this lifetime so they are always around me again.

    Once you address what you long for, then it won’t bother you as much. It works.

    You got to stop letting your mind do this! It doesn’t torture you, you are LETTING IT torture you. Why don’t you just be happy that you had a really great royal lifetime when things were great-tish and accept that that lifetime is done, it’s finished and you can’t go back and be how you were. If you go to bed with it on your mind it WILL appear in your dreams, so stop giving it the power to do this and I know you will feel better.

    Past Life discovery is not easy. It’s freakin’ hard emotional, mental and spiritual work. You chose to remember in this lifetime. Use these happier past life memories as a springboard to improving this life. Know that you are so much better than you give yourself credit for.

    Wish you the best my friend,
    Eva x

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