"I Have Lived Before": The True Story of the Reincarnation of Shanti Devi.

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    This is the first known book on reincarnation based on the recollections of a little girl named Shanti Devi who claimed to remember a past life as a wife and mother in a different region .


    Shanti Devi persistently pleaded to her parents to let her go to the region mentioned(Mathura) and once even ran away from home at age of six to reach Mathura.

    When Mahatma Gandhi heard about the case he set up a commission of 15 prominent people, including parliamentarians, national leaders, and members from the media, to study the case. He also invited Shanti Devi to his ashram.

    The committee was instrumental in persuading her reluctant parents to allow Shanti Devi to go to Mathura with them. Upon reaching the place she was able to remember minute details of the place and her past life family, though she was seeing the place for the first time in her young life. A brief article on her life by Dr. K.S. Rawat can be found in this link.

    The Case of Shanti Devi

    Sture Lonnerstrand, a Swedish critic, came all the way from Sweden to expose the “fake,” as he thought it to be, but after investigation wrote, “This is the only fully explained and proven case of reincarnation there has been."

    A book about her was published by Sture Lonnerstrand in 1994, and the english translation appeared in 1998 titled, "I Have Lived Before: The True Story of the Reincarnation of Shanti Devi".

    She was also interviewed by Dr. Ian Stevenson who stated, “I also interviewed Shanti Devi, her father, and other pertinent witnesses, including Kedarnath, the husband claimed in her previous life. My research indicates that she made at least 24 statements of her memories that matched the verified facts.”
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    I think this was the first case I ever heard of, it was in a book containing a compilation of all sorts of mysterious phenomena. That was very many years ago, I was open-minded but didn't really take it seriously at the time. Nowadays, taken together with so much more evidence as well as personal experience, I have to take these things seriously, not as a mere curiosity.
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    Someone should make a movie from her story.

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