I met my daughter in her previous life 3 years before she was born

Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by SoulPilot, Mar 5, 2019.

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    I would never have recalled this incident had it not been for my daughter reminding me .. I was standing in grocery line with my first born, he was 10 Mos old. He was facing me. There was an elderly woman checking out. Not at any moment was there any kind of interaction verbally or visually. . My son never even had his face towards her... As the cashier handed her receipt, and was about to walk off, she quickly asks the cashier if she can "buy that blue bear on the shelf", turns to me and says, is that OK? I want him, pointing to my son, to have this if that's OK... Of course .. She hands it to him and says nothing more and leaves.... 3 years later I have a daughter... Once she started talking coherently , around 2 yrs give or take... She always talked of "one time, c when I was a grownup and you were little..." .. Always thought that was silly n never thought twice about it... Until.. .She was telling us, when she was a grown up and we were little? I guess age wise, idk.. She says.. Remember I give you a blue bear .. Points to my son... I give you blue bear when u were little. She proceeded to get that same blue bear and show us... OK, wow... Instantly I flashbacked to that incident...
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    Greetings SoulPilot, your description of the happenings are very interesting and must have set your head spinning when they occurred. Had you felt certain about reincarnation prior to that?
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    That interesting, Soulpilot.

    The biggest question to me would be: Why did you come to our family to be born?\

    I guess the lady in the grocery store had recognized your son and probably you too on a soul level. Maybe conscious, maybe not.
    You were already related to her in a former life. Imagine the situation: at the end of her life, she suddenly and unexpectedly gets confronted with family members from a previous life. We don't know how many times she remembered this little incident after she came home. Then she dies and knows for sure: I know where I want to go..., I go back to my little baby brother/son/cousin and I know where to find them.

    Welcome to the forum!
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