I see Dead people - just not straight away!

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    I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced anything like what I am about to explain.

    A few years ago something very strange happened to me. It started when my mum finished up going to the Northern General Hospital Accident and Emergency department by ambulance when she dropped something on her foot. She required an X-Ray, but it turned out not to be broken. I went with her. We were there around two in the afternoon, though it took several hours. For a large part of time we were waiting near the ambulance entry point. Needless to say it's was boring and the most interesting thing was wondering why ceiling tiles in such places are easily damaged and never replaced? In other words nothing out of the ordinary at all. Not until I got home that is. I went to bed, full of the thoughts of the day, then in this semi-conscious state something incredible happened. It was like watching a re-run of the events at around two PM, while we were waiting. But this time outside the A&E doors, in the sky above the ambulance dropping off point, what I can only described as a swirling vortex opened up! Pouring out of came a mass of things, which headed to the doors of the A&E entrance and passed inside the building. We at that time were waiting alongside the wall, where they park patient's on trolley beds waiting to get seen too. I could sense that I was waiting & bored leaning against the wall, but as I looked at the mass going inside the hospital, I could see that the mass was 100's if not thousands of transparent people, all of different ages and sex. I didn't recognise any of the people, though some looked at me. Though none came over, they all just seemed to go inside the hospital following the corridors. I don't recall any noise coming from the mass of people or any noise from the vortex. All I could hear was the normal sounds of the day. That's all I got from the vision.
    Nothing like this has happened to me before, at first I passed it off. Probably with a note thinking that since it was around 2 pm when this happened, that the "ghosts" were clearly coming down at the start of hospital visiting hours, so where probably going to see living relations in hospital, including those living visitors doing the same thing. Well if you were a ghost why not kill two birds with one stone and visit sick relations and living relatives at the same time?
    Nothing happened again for a long time after this. Then one day I had to attend the funeral of my uncle at a local crematorium. We were waiting in the reception area when his children came in with the coffin being carried by the funeral people. We followed them in to the main area for the rest of the funeral. Again nothing out of the ordinary happened during the day. But once again resting in bed, something happened again. From the prospective again of watching the funeral party enter, but this time I could see my uncle as fit as a fiddle, plus his wife who had died a few years prior to him, solid looking as if they were there in person coming in with the coffin with his body. They were talking to each other, but not to the other people and I could hear what they were saying, like who had turned up and how nice it all was! I think they looked much younger then when either of them died. One of their (living) daughters was crying heavily, but they seemed to ignore that, perhaps because they knew there was nothing they could do about it, even if they wanted to. The vision didn't last long and didn't go into the ceremony. Just the entrance way and entrance of the body. But later on that night I did have a dream, where I was watching the ceremony and looked at the seats at the other side to where I was sat. Where I saw my other late uncle, the brother to the one that had just died, sat on a bench watching the funeral too. I recognised him, either though he was much younger than I ever saw him in real life. Again very real looking.
    Normally I would have put this down to grief or wishful thinking. But as I already experienced something similar when I was at the A&E, as described above, when I was not experience anything at all, apart from sheer boredom! Then I can not it down to grief or anything else, but a true psychic experience.
    Of course it's weird, because I don't see any ghosts at the time or even have an inkling of their presence. However I can tell you that before the A&E thing, I had been to the same funeral place several times, attending funerals of people I know and saw nothing after the event.
    One of my neighbours likes to see spiritual mediums and once she heard about the story, she suggested I went with her to one. So we went to one at Attercliffe. The medium is well known, but I won't say who it was anyway, because I don't want to get into a big debate on the validity of mediums.
    The event was well attended, but he didn't give either of us a reading. Personally I didn't see anything in what he said that he could not have got from other sources, such as cold reading. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Once again I saw no evidence of ghosts at the meeting. But I didn't expect too either, since I hadn't before. It would come once I got home and in a restful zone. Not that there was a guarantee that even this would happen! I could have fell asleep and seen nothing. But fortunately it did. During the reading the medium said he could see an old woman who had a really foul mouth on her, stood at the back of the room. We all turned around to see if she was there. But we saw nothing. Well in my subconscious state this same thing played out. I turned around to see the old lady. And guess what? There was still nothing there!! I also saw the medium talking - looking forward at him - supposedly in discussion with spirits. But again in the subconscious state I saw no evidence of ghost anywhere near the man.
    Again these visions never last long, but presumably if there was a presence there that night I would have been shown it. Assuming it works like that! Of course the medium might have been talking with spirits, but I think personally that there were none present that night and he was simply making money from cold reading.
    I think that it could be that certain people can indeed see ghosts and even communicate with them. But that doesn't mean that they have the ability for life. One day it might just vanish, then what do they do? Especially if they were making money from it? Perhaps that medium was doing the same thing. There's no way of knowing that mediums have a permanent contact with the Spirit World. It might be like trying to pick up long distance radio stations, haphazard to say the least. Sometimes as clearly as bell other times like thick fog! The Sprite World might even break off contact, completely, for a short time, or just randomly.

    I had to go back to the Northern General and again after got home I saw more ghost. This time including people who must have been around considerable longer than when the hospital was built.
    If what I see is anything to go by then the Northern General is probably the most haunted building in Sheffield, it's not a place that I like going to now! Before it didn't bother me!!
    By the way none of the visions of dead people included skeletons or anyone with injuries associated with death. Some were transparent others normal.
    I should point out that they are NOT dreams, since dreams tend to mix things up. They are just like the things that happened that day only with the added information.

    This is not a thread for those who claim to see or hear ghosts to discuss. I would like it if you have experienced something later on after visiting a place, which was perfectly normal at the time of your visit.
    You can of course comment on what you think is happening in my case!
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