I think i’m Freddie Mercury

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Kiara Norrbom, Jan 7, 2019.

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    hello. i would like to tell you the reasons why i think i’m a reincarnation of Freddie Mercury.

    1) growing up, i always felt like i was famous or i had some sort of arrogance. just the other day i was talking about how flamboyant i was as a little girl. my grandma then proceeded to tell me she never saw such a show since she went to see Queen back in the 70s.

    2) a week ago, i listened to My Melancholy Blues for the first time ever and it’s like i knew all the words and how to sing it and let me remind you i’ve never listened to this song in my life

    3) freddie’s favorite song ever was his own, Somebody to Love which is also my favorite song ever

    4) I never played piano before 9th grade and all of a sudden when i got my first keyboard, i played the whole ballad part to Bohemian Rhapsody correctly without sheet music

    5) i feel a very strange comfort in freddie as if i wrote songs with him or if he was like my dad

    6) I’ve always had some sort of connection to the 70s because it always felt like that’s where i would most likely fit in the most and i personally believe that Freddie’s peak was in the 70s.

    7) i wrote a song about my cat when i was 10. Freddie wrote a song for his cat Delilah

    8) I have a lot of moles all over my body, some are strangely in the same spots as freddie’s spores grew when his body was taken over by the AIDS virus

    9) i strangely look a lot like him and it’s a littlest creepy. the only difference is i don’t have his teeth

    10) I’m bisexual and so was freddie. he wasn’t strictly gay. he was bi and we all know it.

    That’s all i have for right now, but i’m pretty sure I’m Freddie Mercury. it’s not the strongest evidence, but it’s some.
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    Hi Kiara,

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi Kiara

    A copied commentary I made on another thread. Maybe this can help.

    First of all, I always say that it takes a lot of effort to know if you really were a famous person or not. There are many people in the world who have similar personalities. I mean, you can't blame a famous past life for your vices (Something that's present in my life too) or for slightly similar things. If you really think you were a famous person in your past life, you must find exclusive memories. In other words, these memories should be clear and should not be on any website.

    Many people think they were famous in the past simply for having similar physical characteristics or having a similar life. This does not ensure that someone has been that famous person. As I said, there are many people in the world who have the same personality patterns. It's possible that a person has been famous in his past life, in fact, there are many possibilities, but if you claim to be that famous person, you must be very sure of your claims. That's the advice I can give to anyone who has suspicions of a past life as a celebrity: Exclusive memories. Exclusive memories with someone unknown to fans or people in general. Exclusive (NOT imaginary) memories of situations that are not on the Internet. Whether you're famous or not, you always have memories that can be embarrassing and you don't want anyone to know about them. Those memories are very important.

    Similarities are common. Personally although my gestures are similar to those of my famous past life, I tried to check one and more times if I was really the person I saw in my meditations. I even thought I was his fan. That's very important, and you should think of Freddie as a possible past life, no matter if he was famous or not. I admire, and I admired Freddie Mercury in my past life. No doubt a passionate and brilliant artist.
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    I agree with Thyme.. the thing to do is keep checking and double checking and try to rule out what you can. I don't mean to discredit you, but as past lives are moving into the modern world where we have access to personal records in many forms, it's more important than ever to cross and double check. For instance, an Elvis impersonator can reincarnate thinking they were Elvis, simply because of how obsessed they were with his life.

    The approach for me is two fold:

    First look for things that can't be a coincidence or easily explained as one. If you look deeply you should find things you had no control over (at least not in your present incarnation) that line up with the person's life. For instance, my birthday and my past live's birthday are the same. I must have chose that in my pre life planning and indeed, I remember being obsessed with my birthday, I asked my mom what day of the week I was born and what time.

    Secondly, look for things that extended beyond basic likes and preferences and into things like strong feelings about people, places, languages, etc. I'd write down as many things, no matter how small they are and then try to verify them, after the fact. Going back to Elvis, his favorite food was the Elvis sandwich, which was peanut butter, banana an bacon. It's easy to say you always loved one too, but can you remember the dress his mother wore when she made them? or the tune she whistled or sang while in the kitchen? That's the kind of stuff that's more indicative of a past life and what most of us consider a validation.

    Reincarnation doesn't occur in isolation either. Validations can be found by looking at our family around us too. For instance, my son was my little brother in my past life and he always wanted to be a construction engineer; it was his biggest regret he didn't get to be one. As my son, he wants to be an architect. He's been obsessed with it from day one.

    You could say in isolation that's a coincidence, but someone here said and I forget whom unfortunately, but when you take all of these little "can't be a coincidences" and add them up, they become a bundle of sticks that is much harder to break than the individual, smaller sticks. I thought that was a good metaphor.

    We wish you luck on your journey! Have you found out anything else so far?
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