I think I discovered my past life through music

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by MD14, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Apr 2, 2018
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    Whenever I listen to certain music I often remember things I think could be from a past life. I often remember a house, I have very detailed memories of what it looked like, and I often feel homesick for it even though I've never been there (or at least not in this life). These memories only come when I listen to this music. In all my past life dreams this music is often playing in the background as well, or the band that made the music is somehow related to the dream. The music was recorded a few years before I was born. With some of the songs they make me cry, even though the music is not particularly sad, and music hardly ever makes me cry anyway. I know I've probably not explained this well (I suck at explaining things, especially when writing about them) but is it possible to discover my past life through music?
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    Got flashes from music myself, so I would say, yes, it is possible.
    Maybe this particular band or song had a special meaning to you in a past life? Or it just was playing all the time back then.
    Anyway, why shouldn't it be possible to remember past lives from music? Not so different from a tune bringing back childhood memories from your current life if you ask me.
    It would be interesting to learn what others have to say to that.
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    I think it’s totally possible for music to act as a trigger. It has for me as well, though I just get little glimpses.
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    For me, it isn’t specific songs that I’ve heard in the past, but sometimes there’s just something about a song...sometimes it’s the lyrics or beat and sometimes it’s just something about the overall vibe of the song so to say, but I have had music trigger memories before. Sometimes full memories and sometimes just flashes or even familiar feelings from a PL.

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