I think I know what’s going on.

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    I do not think that what I’m experiencing is a dream because it’s too detailed and I just don’t think my young mind could’ve came up with that as far as a dream goes. I do believe I had a dream as a kid of these memories and I believe something very traumatic happened in this past life that as a kid causes me to block these memories away because the more I think about it why the heck do I feel so connected with these memories at that age? Anyways I can’t explain everything but pretty much everything matches up. Few days ago I had a dream. I was floating over a sunset and a ton of flash backs and stuff were coming back to me. Someone was talking to me and I asked them I wanna know more then I woke up like I was denied. The next day had another dream I was going back to my childhood house where when I was a kid I blocked out the traumatic memories. Some bullies came next to me and I got scared and left... it seems like my subconscious or something is purposely blocking out these memories so I don’t get hurt or even worse. Whenever I’m super sad or in a bad mood and remember my past life it’s usually super sad and not that positive... a few minutes ago I was thinking about my past life and legit had to stop and breath and almost had an anxiety attack... I think there are things I’m better off not knowing especially since my mental health has just been going off the rough lately. If in my dreams my body says it’s ready then I’ll take a leap of faith but if I’m continually denied then I think I’m good for now... I think that my life when I first remembered my past life was getting super depressing as I was going through social anxiety beginnings of depression so my body made me remember some of this past life and I relied on it for happiness... I only remembered the good parts though and the bad parts are finally coming and explaining to me why I don’t remember these events as a child. I also have gotten flashbacks indicating that a war might of happened so maybe that’s the traumatic experience? Idk I guess I’ll find out later..

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