Ian's story.

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    Thankyou for sharing. It is lovely to hear from another Mother who had a child that 'chose' them. It is beautiful to be told that-and I have never forgotten that conversation with my son when he shared the same. It is comforting to read shared experience!
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    I'm new and love reading your son's story, thy for the sharing
    I believe he is a very beautiful soul now, maybe even before, he already had somehow a kind heart, otherwise a princess wouldnt fall for him, but you know in ancient kingdom time, one must devote to his king, it's his duty; he was forced to carry out all tasks assigned to him. He must protected his king; it was very ancient way of obedience as king was treated as son of God in China.

    I hope all the best to both of u; may you guys have wonderful life with beautiful & meaningful new karmic flow
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    I'm not big on the whole 'walk-in' theory, although some subscribe to it. Most kids start to forget about age 7 as the current life becomes more prominent and more pressing. But not all do. I certainly didn't.
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    thank you for sharing! i was reading it for the last few days really enjoying it - i especially appreciated the follow up! I personally hope and wish 4mysonK to get well soon... btw concerning the last discussion - i personally believe in what Robert Monroe said, it seems to fit with my experiences although i always keep in mind i could be wrong. monroe who obviously did a lot of astral travelling thought that there ist one big YOU beyond and that this YOU produces different versions of you who come to earth and possibly other planets to play ;-) and learn :) in order to evolve the bis YOU. Every version differs in personality slightly.
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    Thank you all for the kind responses to our story. I'm sorry I haven't personally replied to each of you. It's been a few years since my last update, so I thought I'd pop in.

    He's 13 now. His kindness, particularly towards me, hasn't waivered. He's never said an intentionally mean thing to me, or to anyone, that I'm aware. Even if I'm sitting in front of him in the car, he can feel my pain, physical or emotional, and reaches up to pat my shoulder a bit or scratch my head. He often seems to sense when I need help, as I'm chronically ill, and comes to ask what he can do. He still holds my hand while we watch TV, and escorts me arm-in-arm into restaurants and stores. This kid never gets in trouble, because whatever he does isn't coming from a bad place. It's impossible to yell or say a cross word to him. I really can't exaggerate how grateful I am to be his Mom in this life. Ian doesnt feel exactly like "mine," as some Moms feel. I'm allowed to be his guide here for now. The way he feels like "mine" is...hmm...like our souls are partially merged? Overlapping. Entwined at the edges. I bet the readers here understand that more than most.

    I make him sound perfect. He's still a rambunctious kid who flails around too much and forgets his homework. He does silly things, of course! What I find odd for his age is his quiet confidence. He's a talented drummer, and will easily play with accomplished musicians who come over to jam with his Dad. (We're a music family.). He also plays bass and is beginning piano. Ian has interesting tastes in music, including complicated old jazz numbers. If you saw him tonight and took his photo in B&W, you'd swear he came from the 1930's. His preference in haircut, round glasses, simple white tees, and a dark, thin mustache (yes, at 13!) makes him look from another decade. He doesn't think so, but I feel a strange familiarity. In my mind, I'm like a dog cocking his head back and forth, trying to catch on to what I'm missing.

    He's extraordinarily interested in languages (as always) and geography. If you recall, early on in this story, he was drawn to kids who didn't speak English. Once, I began to explain why the kid at the playground spoke differently, because a 3-year-old should have some trouble with this concept. Ian interrupted and explained it himself!

    One thing that continues is his insistence on compassion. He became upset with a friend once, and shared his frustrations with me. Paraphrasing: "He does nothing for society. Nothing! What good are we if we can't help others? What's the point in being here?!"

    I'm not going to post his current photo here for privacy's sake, but kids at school call him Harry Potter. Ha! I've got to say, the kid is magical to me.
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    Such a wonderful child you have there imo

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