I'm sure I've lived as a men in a majority of my past lives

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by CydonianKnight, Jul 8, 2018.

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    I don't really know why I'm writing here, guess just wanted to share this weird thing that occurred to me.

    So I'm pretty new to a theory of reincarnation and don't practice meditating (don't think that I've seen some major glimpses to my past lives), but somehow I just know, as absurd as it sounds, that I've been a guy in my past life. I barely relate to other females, and to be honest, rarely even felt like one.

    I also know that this identity and sexuality may not correlate, I know that I'm attracted to women, but calling myself a homosexual female feels a bit off. Whenever I contemplate about having a relationship with a girl, I imagine myself as a guy. Speaking about relationships, I've always had this strong intuitive feeling that there's one special soulmate that will eventually appear in my life. Maybe that's my lover from past lives? Who knows

    I also have a strong empathy towards gay men which I don't really know where it comes from; maybe I've even been one in some other life, or there were close relationships with them.

    Anyways, I guess it would be interesting to hear similar experiences/opinions on this
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    Hello CK, welcome to the forum. We're glad you popped in. I think if you poke around a little you will see there are a few threads that relate to what you wrote above. As all of us awaken and explore the world of reincarnation we encounter increments of past lives that sometimes conflict with current life styles, beliefs, gender orientation, and just life in general. I am one of those people who never believed in past lives until a current life situation conflicted with a past life. That's what brought me here several years ago... I was trying to make sense of a life crisis.

    I think you were meant to. Sometimes we just gotta trust the mystery and surrender to the moments on front of us.

    Good luck on your journey, and please, feel free to engage with us here on what you've learned or, perhaps what you are unsure of.

    Blessings, ~Tman

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