Imagination or could be real - has this happened to someone else?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by sortoflikeheaven, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hi, I've experienced a weird thing. Under some type of regression or state between being awake and asleep the following thing happened:

    Out of the blue my so-called past life ex-husband revealed himself, just standing there as his old usual self. I've had experiences of him playing a role in total 4 past lives. The closest in time was him as my pl ex-husband. The others was him as my pl grandfather, the other as my pl-father (actually him being the same person - I had been his daughter in the 1890's something, died quite young. My then brother had a daughter - the reincarnation of his sister, me again that is, so that was how he could be both my father and then my grandfather) and much further back as my husband.

    Anyhow he kind of stood there and gave a friendly energy about him but our experiences together through these life times has been dominated by unhappiness. There is a part of me that is drawn to him by love, another that is pushing him away due to fear.

    So then he reached out his hand to me. I did not take it. Then he -still friendly-took the same hand and pointed to his eye. Then - and this is the weirdest part of everything weird so far - I was for a brief moment able to relive a moment in his life before I pushed myself out of it and then continued to view what happened but as if I was part of the air; seeing things a bit far off, from the side; seeing him interact with someone else.

    Has anyone else experienced:
    1) past life key person emerging as if this is present time and wants to communicate?
    2) Somehow make you able to see things from his/her eyes and heart as if you are him/her?

    I don't know what to think. The scene that was played up happened shortly after he had gotten the news of his ex wife's death.

    Somehow I felt at peace after, even though the scene was anything but peaceful.
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    Wait, let me see if I can get this straight... You saw a part of someone else's life, someone who you have been connected with through several lives?

    I believe I might have experienced something similar to that, if that's what you're referring to. as I got the briefest flash of my PL husband's death earlier today. I was at work, ploughing through stock from a delivery, when I got the quickest snapshot of him in pain. I was looking over him, as you were in your vision, as though I was there. But, he was fighting with his unit in Egypt, while I was [in that life] alive and well in England, with our four-month-old daughter. He had been wounded in the previous day's skirmish, he was fighting a new personal battle, but he lost. As I say, it was the briefest of flashes, but it was almost clear as day. I was a little shaken, but tried to go on with work. It wasn't until I read this post that I thought of it again. That being said, I've felt as though I've been spending the day in his company, although he wasn't physically there. Maybe, he was 'telling' me about his life's end, knowing I had very little idea of what had happened to him. All I had been aware of, some days/weeks later by telegram, was that he had died in North Africa. He had been taken from me, and I wanted 'revenge'. Perhaps, he wanted to 'tell' me, then decided [with the brevity of the vision] I was not yet ready to relive the grief.

    If that is the sort of experience you were referring to, then I seem to be getting quite a few incidences of my PL husband 'visiting' me in this present life. He's not physically there, but there's a presence all the same. Most often, it seems to be around bedtime that I sense him. Perhaps, it's because I'm relaxing and my mind is 'switching off', allowing him to 'visit'.

    I'd be interested, if you experience any further 'visitations' of your own!
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    Yes on both counts.
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    Yes, yes
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