Indian past life? Did/do they believe in reincarnation?

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    It has happened to me in recent/very recent time that during weekends when I don't have to get up early and go to work that I can sleep a bit longer that I gets thrown in/gets images of being what I think is in an Indian village. Each time I try to focus on what I see - it just vanishes. This happens when I am rested (had had enough sleep) and is relaxed enough before possibly going back to sleep. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Also there is a form of "humming" that I hear from a man in some of my images/experiences. Like a song, yet not. Rhythm. The same. The voice gives me feeling of safety.

    I have not watched an Indian movie etc in recent time (or for years and years I think?). I don't know - could it be past life flashes of memories? Just imagination?

    It has never come up during pl meditation regression.

    Out of curiosity I wonder if anyone knows the Indian's religious belief or perhaps that can be different in different tribes, countries and time?

    Did/do they believe in reincarnation?

    Anyone who has experienced a past life as an Indian that wants to share? It would be interesting.

    Most times when this happens in the mornings I forget what I see/experience and only a fragment is left. I don't know why I am getting these images/experiences. Again and again. Is my soul trying to tell me something?

    If I have never had a past life as an Indian - is it possible that "someone else" is giving me these images - and then why?

    Sorry for all my thoughts and questions...But if I can't ask/write it here - where can I do it, right? ;)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
    /Best Wishes Li La
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    Hi, you mean Indian as in Native American, not Asian Indian, right? I'm Native in my current life (my tribe is from the eastern USA) and I can definitely say that beliefs on reincarnation depend on the tribe and time period. And as with all things, it also depends on the individual person you're asking.

    If you're getting images of a village, you can use that to narrow down the area the tribe lived/lives in. Some things to consider: do you see wigwams, teepees, cliff dwellings, stone buildings, or some other kind of houses? What do the social areas of the village look like? How about the landscape? Even vague images of any of these could give you an idea.
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    Welcome to the forum, Winter Light.

    Li La, of course it is possible that you had a life as a Native American, and be it a long time ago (first tribes existed in the Stone Age).
    Of course their religious beliefs will have changed over time and be different for different tribes.
    Found this, looks that some tribes believe in a soul and reincarnation:

    I do not remember any life as a Native American, but I find their life style interesting, the respect towards nature and animals.
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    I had a past life as a Native American and I don't recall ever really thinking about it too much, although my last conscious thoughts were of the next life.

    Every tribe had different takes on reincarnation and spirituality, and many of them evolved over time. Some of them probably believed in reincarnation, or some variation of it.
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    Hi, think I might have something more but I have been holding it back because there is so much I don't have info about. I don't know where I am geographically speaking (I claimed "Argentina" but I don't know if that even feels right and years and dates were just lost on me), but the nature was rich and generous (not at all dusty or desert like).

    I could grasp that I was an Indian female but those flashbacks did not last long. I remembered having had a boyfriend or husband when I was young and the feeling was that we had been friends since childhood, but something had happened to him and I was bitter and sad and lost in life.

    Then I was in a relationship where I was "bought and married" to a man of white skin who either visited or lived with us in our village and one day he took me on his horse out of our village and in some sort of town and I was highly uncomfortable in that surrounding. What ate at me was that I was not even allowed to go on my own horse, I had to sit in front of his with him behind me, I felt more as if I was kept hostage or something than if I had been his wife. It was like we could not even have a normal conversation.

    I would speak in my language and sound very decisive when I spoke to the point that my voice was breaking and I was gesturing and he would understand few words but he could not understand my full sentences, or my dialect perhaps. I think I was very angry that he had taken me with him but I kept it inside. It was as if I kept much emotions on the inside, that I was just like that back then.

    At some point we slept outside and I had a knife and thought of sitting on top of him and driving it through his throat but I knew the rules and I didn't, also out there I had nowhere to go on my own.

    I just think I felt very bitter about a lot of things in my life; the young man that was out of my life was probably the kick off, maybe some untreated depression? I wanted to go home.

    The emotions were so strong throughout that everything else was so far away.

    When I saw the Indian boyfriend, I saw him without skirt or anything on his upper body and he had black hair and something in between middle of dark and light skin. His head was more roundish in shape. His eyes were brown and kind. It was as if we knew each other inside out. I saw us as children sitting side by side, I think it was in the evening, but it went away very fast, but it was the same feeling of belonging together even though it was different as adults.

    If I get back to the life and find out more practical things that could narrow it down I will write about it here.

    I don't know at this point if this is fabrication, imagination or real past life memories but they have felt real, too real somehow.

    There is a lot that just goes missing after I wake up from regression and it just goes right back into the unknown.
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