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    I am interested in Lives between Lives.
    Are there many scripts of or youtubes around?

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    Hi Briski,

    I don't think so. LBL regression was pioneered in large part by Michael Newton, who considered it the most important for knowing what is going on not only overall (the big picture), but in the current lifetime. However, there is an emphasis on reaching a very, very deep trance state in order to access these memories. This apparently takes hours to reach and a skilled regressionist. So, you may need to contact his foundation and check into practitioners in your area. I haven't done this, but by exploring on the internet did determine that some of these regressionists visit different areas at different times of year even though they are not present all year long. It is a long process (I think it takes at least 6 hours and there is an introductory group session prior). Likewise, the expense (as I recall) was not small. I think it was somewhere around $600+, though my memory on that is a bit hazy. Anyhow, I think you'll need to check into someone authorized to perform this type of thing if you are interested.


    PS--I'm not totally on-board with everything that Newton has written, but like a few other names in the field, he is a presence and explorer that can't be ignored.
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