Interesting correlation between God and light in major world religions...

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    Hello all, [​IMG]

    I have come across some observations which depict an interesting correlation between God and light....

    In Hinduism, the Vedas and Hindu scriptures considers the Shivalinga as representing a cosmic pillar of light. The Dharmic monotheistic sect the Prajapita Brahmakumaris, which holds belief in reincarnation as one of its central themes, consider God to be a point of light.

    In Islam, Allah has 100 name's, and one of them is Alnoor ( the Light).

    “God is light,” says 1 John 1:5, in the Bible in Christianity.

    In Judaism, Psalm 76:4 says of God, “You are radiant with light.”

    So this correlation between God and light, is a common denominator in these four major world religions.

    Imo, the fire worship in Zoroastrianism may be illustrating this correlation between God (Ahura Mazda ) and light as well, light being emitted by the fire.

    If you find any further proofs or evidences in this regard, please do share it here.

    Thanking in advance.
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    Hello Ajayo and welcome to the forum. I believe in that correlation and see the connection too. One could even pose that the ancient peoples in most areas worshiped "the light" as a connection to the sun. And perhaps this connection could be found in the origins of today's belief systems. ~Tman
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    I agree with tinkerman.. I think there are more references to God being or being in association with light than not.

    This all may be references to the sun, while the dark times of night were scary and became associated with evil, while the sun became symbolic of life and good.

    I have my own pet theory that pulls on the holographic universe theory. A hologram requires a light source to be seen and I wonder, if the theory is true, all of these religions are actually referring to an extradimensional source of energy that enters this one, as the projection of our universe. Our universe is awash in quantum foam, in which pure energy is converted to matter as it enters the universe.

    Many religions also speak of the universe being created through fire and light or defending from it.

    I find all of the commonalities fascinating myself.
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