Is it possible to be reincarnated from a higher advanced civilization not from this planet?

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    When I was about 3 or 4 I used to lie in bed wondering why everything is so tedious here. I sensed that I came from a place that could manifest what ever I thought with no tedious manual labor to it. I also used to think that I was part of someone else's dream, someone big like God and what would happen to me if He woke up. That's pretty deep for a 4 year old. I also had my own language when I started talking. A drink of water was "Nank a manu" and the living room was the "udoon"

    But I also recalled that I was a general in some army because I always thought (and still d0) of how my enemy would use strategy to kill me and the rest of the humans. I remember thinking that a disease would be the best way so as not to hurt the planet. And that our pets would provide the opportunity to learn and understand humans. I loved watching "Combat" with my dad in the early 60's (black and white series on TV) And I was only 4 or 5.

    I have had a past life regression and was a soldier in Sweden or the Netherlands, recruited as a young boy. But how do you explain that I feel as though I spent time in a different world or dimension before this life. Maybe it was a transition place I stayed and decided to come back. I've always had premonition and flying dreams and I feel like I am going to be involved in something major that will happen soon and that I'm here to help people pass to the other side peacefully without fear. Can we come from different time and dimensions?
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    We do come from different times and dimensions. All of us.
    Some of us have better amnesia than others. ;)

    I am also convinced that we have purposes and skills on different levels.
    If you think you are good at helping people in transition, I would consider that as a skill on a soul level. Your soul might be good in transforming energy.
    At the same time, you have lived on Earth. In these dense levels, you have different skills and different purposes.
    You get confused when levels mix up in your consciousness.

    When you still remember other realms, you not fully grounded in this life. I know your feelings. When I was a kid I felt angry once in a while that I was shot back into the past. I was angry at the insensitivity, the cruelty and the stupidity of this World. Humans didn't interact the way they were supposed to, according to my feelings.
    During my entire life, I get spontaneous flashes of wonder when for example a car stops to let me cross the street. Wonder like: they see me, I exist in this world. Like I was used to be invisible to this world.

    I just wonder, do you also have dreams in which you assist people who are dying? If this is the case, you've got your answer.
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