Is it possible to gain access to abilities we developed in past incarnations?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by billeurope, Aug 1, 2018.

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    You are right. Think about Mozart who composed at the age of 4. He must have carried over this talent.
    I just wanted to say that I easily fit in, but not having extreme qualities. :p:p
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    Yeah same here, I was a doctor too. I'm not a genius in chemistry but I've been told many times that I've got the steady hands of a surgeon. I guess some things remain.
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    Why not?
    What’s about other instances of the same planet? I think there exist much more than just one planet earth – rather myriads of instances of “earths”. I think the most past lives I indeed hadn't on this planet. That wouldn’t work, because today there live 8.000000000 people on the earth and we all couldn’t have all our past lives on this one single planet which wasn’t populated that densely thousands of years ago.

    Do you have a special meditation / instruction for that? I did a guided regression meditation on YouTube yesterday. The life I have seen wasn’t very impressing: A nomad in ancient Egypt. A person who had almost no skills or abilities – except very boring ones that wouldn’t help me much in my current life.

    I think the cause that determines if one can or can not experience what you describe is if your higher self wants or doesn’t want to experience it.

    I think to get in contact with past versions of yourself you need the permission of your higher self. Your soul has to want to experience the connection and it has to be in alignment with the life-plan your soul created for your current life.
    Most souls want to concentrate on their current existence only – that’s why most people don’t believe in reincarnation.
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    The intent was to warn you of the breach of forum guidelines.

    I agree, we are all influenced by our experiences and create our version of reality from those limited experiences.
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    I suppose that would make sense in my case. I am supposed to be clearing out old emotional attachments and patterns in this life so that I can move on. One has to know where one has been in order to do that, so a close understanding could have been signed off on for that purpose. Something is telling me that is not entirely the correct answer, but I have no alternative to suggest.
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