Is it possible to have a past life as a ghost?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by juneforests, Jun 13, 2017.

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    I did a sort of past life regression at home, but the results were kind of confusing to me, and I'm not sure if it's because the regression worked better than I expected, or if it didn't work at all and I was just imagining up things.

    See, I was with a guy named Matthias who I was in a past live, who died when he (we?) were 23. I figured out that he was from a city with a lot of red brick buildings and cobblestone streets even now, in a place in Germany that sounded a bit like Mallishn. Turns out there's an actual city named Molln, exactly on the spot that Mallishn was supposed to be, and looks exactly like the city we were in. But anyways, the thing that confused me was the fact that he was apparently still there in an alleyway where he died, but as a spirit. Yet, that can't really be possible because for him to be my past life, that must've meant he reincarnated. You can't really reincarnate when you're still around somewhere as a ghost. Right? The whole experience was strange too, and it kept going from the time period he lived, to present day with cars and everything kept changing with it. Also sometimes I was seeing from his pov and it was like I was remembering things but then it would shift and we would be separate entities completely, before it would shift back again. I asked him about this and he said he felt it too, that he can feel and experience very limits events in the main soul's lives, apparently, but barely and that's it. I didn't stay around that long, but I just found it interesting but a little confusing. He also practically begged me to come find him and try to save him. Does anyone know if such a thing is possible, or should I ignore the whole thing?

    (Also something interesting: closer to the beginning where the instructions was telling me about a hallway, there was this long line of doors stretching out until I can't even make anymore out on the left side, but on the right there was only two, one of them being Matthias. I don't know what that means or if it makes a difference, but I also felt that if those two weren't there to create a divide between them and the other doors, the doors would stretch seemingly endless on both side. I had a gut feeling the other door was my most recent past life, which is one that I feel had impacted this life significantly. But I still wonder why the doors were like that.)
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    That seems very possible Juneforests, and welcome to the forum. There are several theories about how that is likely. They start with the premise that the Soul/over-soul/Higher-self, or whatever you want to call it which is essentially Energy, sends part of itself as a "personality" or Aspect to inhabit the body - thus allowing for the likelihood of two or more Aspects or Personalities during the same period, especially if some have not yet gone-to-the-light (returned to their Source). It might be interesting to find out why he is reluctant to go into the light or help him find it.

    The other part of your post, about the many doors - I can't recall the therapist/author that used exactly that technique in helping clients view past lives where each life was shown behind a door off a hallway reaching out-of-sight into the distance. your perception of the two lifetimes you mentioned would be spot-on.
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    I was thinking the same thing as Ken, the 'core' of the Soul sends 'a part' to reincarnate. About the doors: maybe those two stood out so much for you, especially the one that led to 'Matthias', because there is something in his life that is useful for your spiritual development in the present life? I think we are most likely to access those memories that are 1) recent (the most recent PL's) and 2) those that touch on a spiritual lesson we are supposed to learn/complete in the present life.
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    Yes, it's possible
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    I have a memory of being a ghost.. I remember what it feltt like.. I knew other ghosts were with me but we could not commnicate at all > It was unbearable lonely ..

    I remember my twin sister coming to me with light and love and I feltt safe enough to return with her to this life..
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    I would like to offer one view on this subject. During the cycle of reincarnation there are, according to the Upanishads, twilight spaces which are intermediate before events. To cite one example,

    “When a man departs from this world he reaches the Air. The Air opens there for him as wide as hole of a chariot wheel.”
    - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 5.10

    But this is not always an immediate process. From this state to the next may take up to a year (Brahma Sutra 4.3.2). While most people are unconscious through these processes, it could be that there are those who are aware in a twilight state and they could be ghosts. One might recall that in a past life session.
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