Is reincarnating into a powerful / rich life actually MORE dangerous long-run?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by gauss576, Jul 1, 2018.

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    Is reincarnation into a powerful / rich life where you have lots of power coming to you naturally actually more dangerous from a multi-life perspective of reincarnation? Because once the soul picks the life and enters the body, he does not remember that there is reincarnation or that there are multiple lives, hence, the wealth and power he selected for the current life will easily get to his head and he will be tempted to harm lots of other people just for his personal pleasure (and b/c he thinks he can get away with it, after all, he forgot the fact that he picked such a life and that karma exists).

    So in actually, when a soul (such as some young ones) pick a life of power/prestige/wealth, etc... they are actually setting themselves up for future lives of intense suffering and karma payback. They get a very big "high" in this one life but that is more than offset by lives of bad luck, low status, suffering and tragedy that needs to be balanced out right? I mean, look at Kim Jong Un, Trump, Putin, and also Hitler, other world leaders that came before, also Bill Gates, Bezos, Buffett, Jack Ma, etc... who all have lives where everything magnificent tends to go their way but nothing to stop them and no bad stroke of fate. They worked hard but many people worked hard, but didn't have the luck they had.

    Where does this luck come from?

    So a life spent as a king or ruler who can do whatever he wants to anyone else without repercussion shall be paid back by future lives as a prisoner, beggar, or what not?
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    Karma is a very complex concept which most people never have properly explained to them. I am no expert, but it is not usually backlash (you were a strict king, therefore you HAVE to be a poor peasant now), but often the soul tends to try to experience lives that reflect varied aspects of life. Particularly, if a person acted against a certain group, they might be more likely to be a part of that group in their next life because the soul wants to experience the other side of it. But it does not HAVE to occur this way.

    As I referenced on your other post, power/influence can be dangerous to a soul's path. People in these areas are often corrupt, and those who are not usually come out scarred. Having Earthly things often can get in the way of spiritual development, but there are also certain lessons that can only be learned through these means. Not all of the people learning these lessons are young souls either.

    Souls are like actors in one large troupe. We each try to perform different roles at times to expand our répétoire, and take turns in these different types of roles (although some do seem to end up being type-cast). Someone has to play the role of the billionaire. Perhaps it will be you next time. But a life where everything goes right teaches very little. And the more one has, the more one has to lose.

    Food for thought: might this be a topic close to your heart because you once had these things in a past life and no longer do?
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