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    In first, I hope I post my thread in the right place.

    In 2018, for two months, I sent a few comments to somebody about interesting subjets which were posted on his social media page. I don't know him in the real life. I was just interested in what he used to post. When I sent them on his page, I started to sense a period of his life when he was a teen and also a relationship he had. Then I consulted a very good medium in order to know more about that.

    Well, I learned I have cords of attachement with that person and that happened when I sent these comments. In short, my energy joined his. I also learned I had a past life with him. The reason why I have those cords of attachment. According to psychic, my connection with him is very intense and also the reason why I get some information about this period of his life (Teenager years and that relationship he had) I did research about him and I found out some information very helpful. I was able to know a little bit about that relationship. I still sense this period of his life and there are more details now.

    When I learned the identity of his first love, I searched her on social media and I found her. So I thought maybe it was the purpose to contact her in order to talk what I sense about all that but I didn't do it. I didn't feel good about to take action in that. We don't know each other and I was afraid of her reaction. It would have looked quite crazy which is understandable. I just wonder what is the real purpose of this because today I feel totally lost. Someone said me he most likely have unfinished business with her and I think so too. I just wanted to send a few comments to this guy I never met in person and something is completly crazy happens to me. It's like being in The Twilight Zone. The reason why I researched about them was because I needed to know why I sense that relationship and get a little bit more information because the connection is really very intense. I can't control it anyway.

    If anyone here has a guess, I will be glad to read it. I need some answers.


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