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    I remember my niece being in labor. I worked in Middletown and she was Montgomery, which was a good 45 min away with no easy direct way to get there. I had been talking to Mom and she stated my niece was having a hard time. She had no energy to push. She was very tired. She had been in labor most all day. I got off work at 5p and headed straight to the hospital. In my mind, I had planned my route to get there. No GPS. On my way, while I was driving, all I could do was think of my niece and tried to push her energy to deliver that baby. Then I would kind of wake and I would be someplace, on the road, and could not figure out where I was. After realizing I missed a turn or an exit 3 different times, I finally go to the hospital. I was not sure how I got anywhere. it took me over an hour to get there. All I could do was think about giving energy to my niece. (hind site, how dangerous was that, I have a great guardian angle)! I was dumfounded that I kept missing exist and turns. a day or so later I realized that I was giving my niece energy to push my great niece out. I asked her if she had a burst or two of energy an couple hours prior to birth and she thought and said yes. I told he it may have been me and my getting lost, not lost on the way to the hospital. Now, if I actually gave her energy or not I am not positive, but it does explain my getting side tracked on getting to the hospital.
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