Karma Issues/ Karmic Backlash and Past Lives

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by MoonSinger, Aug 14, 2002.

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    Going back to the premise in the first post -....please do not assume based on karma that you deserve to be in an abusive relationship.

    Just felt someone needed to hear this. Hope it helps. :)
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    Love is the way.
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    “If the life I am living now is about karmic debt, is there a way for me to "pay my dues" and move on?”

    I would like to offer my own opinion on this for consideration. There are two different parts to the question: the first is about the state and the second is how to address that state.

    In the Hindu view, there is nothing in life that is not outside of Karma. The whole state is an emanation of it. Part of this overall body of karma of the individual that will manifest in one life is crystalized in the birth chart astrologically, but this is not the whole of the karma attached to the path of the individual bound soul, or Jiva. Most of it remains latent.

    That material state is an effect generated by the mental nexus of the previous life that is manifesting. It is not due to actions in the narrow sense as these are effects, not causes. The common idea that if you are mean to someone in line in the supermarket you have to be reborn so someone can be mean to you is not a Hindu view. Karma is not so narrow.

    “Because of attachments, the transmigrating self, together with its work, attain the results to which its subtle body or mind cling. Having exhausted (in the other world) the results of whatever work it did in this life, it returns from that world to this for fresh work. Thus, the man who desires transmigrates.”

    - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4.6

    I would point out, that ‘work’ in the Upanishads means ‘ritual work’ which is done to bear fruits of results which can be spiritual or material. One’s desires and intentions become the cause of this ritual activity which creates the effects.

    This ritual work is the bridge to part two of the question. You can, as some think best, simply suffer through your life trying to do your best. But, it is the teaching of the Rig Veda that the Divine can forgive and palliate our past karma.

    “Divine Agni, revered as friend, who abides in heaven and earth, communicate our praises to the Devas … may we overcome our difficulties, may we overcome those sins of a prior existence, may we overcome them by your protection.”

    - Rig Veda VI 2:11

    That which is crystalized in the horoscope will come to pass, but, there is a latitude of how it will unfold and what will result from that event.

    For example, let us say that there is car crash in the cards. Will one simply bruise a knee or will one be killed? Will one meet someone through that event that would not otherwise have been in one’s life? This is where there is latitude of action for the Divine to skew the unfolding of karma while still ‘legally’ or ‘technically’ fulfilling it. Thus, you answer is that you should pray for ways to address any past life karmic issues and do what you can to desire and to follow a good path.

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