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Discussion in 'Members Lounge' started by inhaltslos, Aug 12, 2018 at 10:40 AM.

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    Anyone still listening to records? My wife bought me a record player the other day, something I’ve wanted for years, but seemed silly since we’re an international family and have had to move so much these recent years. However, I did buy records knowing I’d be able to listen to them someday!
    Records were plenty popular when I was younger (my parents had quite the collection), but then it was all about cassettes/CDs...the last time I actually properly listened to a record was in the early 90s, when a friend could only find a certain Duran Duran album on vinyl.
    But no longer! Two nights ago I listened to opera on the record player for hours, the records I had bought ages ago. It was nostalgic and special, pulling the disc out of the paper envelope, placing it on the turntable, getting the needle on just right...
    I knew records haven’t fully gone away and have had spikes of popularity here and there, but it didn’t really hit home until last week while shopping at a giant retailer that, yes, had a record section...haven’t seen that in awhile.
    Anyone else into records or never stopped listening to them? Anyone else agree that there is ‘something’ nostalgic and comforting about listening to one?
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    Oh yes! I love the records too. My sons gave me a portable turn table (its Bluetooth too!) that allows me to use it in various places. My favorite thing to listen to is Leonard Cohen... just does something very nostalgically to me. Sadly I lost my record collection a few years ago in a flood. But now my boys are "record" nuts too. They go to shops and thrift stores in search of vinyl, I'm sure they have my collection times ten. ~Tman

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