Looking for my Romanov relatives

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by TatianaRomanova, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Hello! I already have a thread detailing my story of uncovering I was Tatiana Nikolaevna so if you have any questions you can read it :oops:
    This post is because I am searching for my other relatives.
    I have found thankfully all of my sisters! We all have combined hundreds of memories we knew of without reading before (such as I recalled letters I wrote as tatiana and sent word for word, events, my belongings, peoples faces) etc! So with that I am so glad :oops:

    I have tried using the search bar for Romanov posts but everyone claims to be one of my sisters and I can not find anyone stating to be someone else. I would like to find my Mama (Alexandra Feodorovna) as I think it is possible she is someone out there.. and I miss her deeply. :( I would also like to find the Konstantinovich brothers as I have found their sister, my cousin of that life, Tatiana Konstantinovna. I wish so much to find my aunts, my cousins (such as Ella of Hesse) and my Mama. I have two of her sisters with me.

    To anyone who thinks they may be someone in our extended family or Empress Alexandra, anyone here unsure but believing they may be someone, anyone reading this forum who is scared to post of a Romanov life PLEASE do reach out. You will be accepted with open arms and loved once again and never alone!

    Sorry if the post is too long.:oops:
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    I have memories and emotions from that night I’m not sure who I am. I’m not even sure why I’m posting this. My life here is very different I’m more fragile. I need to be sitting it seems more than I stand. I’ve always felt extremely drawn to the family I have a dream once about the Alexander palace I remember walking into the maple room and just noticing how green it was or walking up the stairs to a smaller room with pink. I felt like I belonged there. I had a dream once where two brothers were also there both with dark hair and tall. They were nice. But the most vivid memory is the shooting. I’m angry at the men for no reason and seeing there pictures makes me want to scream. I can no longer go in basements or go in one alone or be left there my anxiety goes through the roof. Guns scare me the most though I can’t be anywhere near them and I’m terrified I’m going to be shot. Sorry for the long post I’m just scared and confused.

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