Man from my past life, still with me

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Tambrius, Dec 24, 2017.

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    There is this man I was very close to in my past life and he's still with me for as long as I can remember. He has always guided me, but dislikes the term "guardian angel". I'm trying to find any information about him.
    He was rich with a very special appearance and name, so once I'd find him I'd know it's him.

    He stopped trying to contact me when I was in early elementary, and somehow I forgot about everything, until he came back last year a month before my 20th birthday. We are still learning to communicate with each other but within the past year we learned to communicate almost effortlessly. He keeps showing me more and more details about him, but for some reason doesn't want me to remember about my own life, telling me I'd be shocked and that I'm better off where I am now. I've also always had fear of fire and vivid nightmares about fire since the age of 2.

    I really need to find any kind of information on him, this is very important to me. I keep searching the internet but I have only found very little relevant information. Also any other kind of advice is appreciated.
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    Hi Tambrius,

    We might be able to help, but you will need to give us all the information you have about him. At the moment, you have not given us anything to go on. You might start with notable events in his life, racial/ethnic/national/religious information, relevant period/era, appearance, apparent position/ "rank" in society, etc. Obviously, if you had everything I just listed, you would probably not be asking for help. However, we need anything that you DO have that might help others to help you on this.

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    You say that the man from your past life is a trustworthy guide for you, but that you don't want to heed his advice, and you want to get more information than he thinks is good for you. In my opinion you're making a mistake. You risk to lose the support of your guide, and you risk to inflict on yourself some shocking information. I wouldn't do it.
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    LOL, Sea&Sky. This is such a male vision towards life.... haha ... (no offence, I'm just amused to read the words);)

    Me, being female, is just saying to Tambrius: Hey honey, why don't you ask your gentleman friend himself? Like you said, you two can communicate effortlessly. There is some kind of disrespect in your actions. Your partner in spirit doesn't want to reveal things, probably because you are not mature enough at this moment. Don't take old traumas lightly. They can burn you once again, even without flames.
    I also think you are not really serious in this matter of spirits and afterlife (which triggered the word immature). Spirits are 'people' too. If there is something he doesn't want to tell you, respect that. If not, it will delay the quality of your communication.

    The most important thing is he is here with you now and you are able to communicate. Focus on this relationship in this Now, grab this chance to grow and learn and have fun (spirits don't lose their sense of humor) and don't look back until you are ready for it, even if it takes ten or twenty years to reach this state of mind.
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