Meditation, guides and pregnancy

Discussion in 'Reincarnation, Religion and Spirituality' started by Alona, Jan 13, 2019.

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    I and my husband have been living together for nine years and have been planning children for several years. All attempts failed without particular health reasons. We were preparing for in vitro fertilization.

    On Oct. 6, 2018, I was doing a meditation ( I have not done it for years) and asked my guides and the higher power to give me what I need at the current life stage ( I have not meant pregnancy, just in general). On Oct.7, I got pregnant -- I know the exact date for certain reasons. And now, we are waiting for a child.

    I don’t know if these things are connected, but I am sure it was not accidental.

    Now, I am reading “Return from Heaven” by Carol Bowman and just wanted to tell you this lucky story. I think, nobody will believe me in real life)))
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy & all the best for you and your husband

    My first child came to me during several meditations before I even met my current partner. He planted the idea in my head that he needed to come planet side very urgently & even gave me details about my partner that were accurate. I can honestly say that if he had not come to me that way children would not have been on my horizon.
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    Welcome back Alona, it has been awhile between posts! Glad to hear the positive results.

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