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    When I have now done meditations something new has happened. I recognize a soulmate from one life time to the next, is this normal as far as meditation goes ? I've had had experience of being with a soul mate, caring for a horse, when suddenly I - in that past life - very briefly remembered a life where he was a soldier, a knight of some kind because of how he looked and that he had a horse that I cared for. It is confusing because here I think I am meditating on one past life, and following the voice from the you tube meditation, and suddenly it is a jump and as if a veil is taken and I can hardly tell the soulmate apart from one life to the next.

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    Jaime, meditation is a good vehicle for understanding and learning many things in life. Meditation, as part of my Buddhist practice, more often seeks to silence the mind, eliminate thought, and go to a place of "peaceful abiding." To be effective and resourceful, this daily practice should be done every day. Now, what I learned was that after a year or so of practice (Buddhist word for meditation: practice, sitting, etc.), things began to surface in my life in very synchronous ways. An ever prevalent one is the numbers 11:11; even certain names smells and sounds spark a spiritual curiosity. My practice has been going on for over ten years now, and the most prevalent result has been in my nature. My family often tells me I'm much calmer, more thoughtful, and less stressed. So, yes, there are many benefits to meditation. I, too, often use guided meditations and music intended for meditation. I would highly recommend the app Insight Timer. It has many guided meditations and music.

    Blessings, ~Tman
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