Mediumship/successful summoning of dead spirits and past lives?

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    Tl;dr at the bottom
    To recap some things I have said before elsewhere:
    - My friends and I just started looking into reincarnation last year
    - We are in high school
    - We have almost no official (not collected on our own) knowledge about reincarnation or spiritual matters. We didn't even know regression was called regression until, like, yesterday, but have been doing it on our own for a while now. I barely know how to do a pagan spirit summoning ritual (mentioned later) from my grandparents, and I even did it wrong as I later found out.
    - I am (probably) the reincarnation of Salvador Dalí (I refer to him as Sal for brevity. Please don't call him Dalí, as it's impersonal. Salvador is preferred.)

    This story starts around the weekend of the week in which I was at school and regressed to the point of considering Sal's birthdate my own. It was a Saturday, if that matters? It was the beginning of winter and it was very cold outside. I don't know about the moon stage but that doesn't seem to matter considering so many things in the summoning went so wrong and it still worked.
    What our (ill-informed, confused) logic was, was that we would just... Summon Sal's ghost.. And ask if he became me after he died. We assumed he would know and would also remember his own death.
    So, I brought to my mind the only vaguely mystic thing I knew of. A ritual for summoning dead people which my grandmother showed me when I was about 9 or 10. She told me you had to pick someone to be a "vessel" for the soul and call them out of the afterlife using foods as a sacrifice.
    So, my girlfriend and I went to food lion and bought a cheap baguette, a bag of grapes, and a carton of heavy whipping cream. We also brought along with us a pack of barley tea and 5 quarters.
    With it, we broke a baguette in half and I ate part of it. We put grapes near that and I ate a grape. We poured the barley and whipping cream out, and I drank some cream. We then placed down the quarters, tails up, in a line and slowly turned them over while I said something along the lines of "Salvador Dalí, would you please come possess this body."
    If there is, by chance, an actual medium out there who's reading this and facepalming at us, we're sorry. Times 1000. We had/have no idea what we were/are doing. I know now that the entire summoning was... Extremely disorganised, to say the least, and should have been carried out by a professional. And not behind a closed pool on a basketball court. And was also kind of a bad idea. Okay, REALLY a bad idea.
    Anyway, I laid down and started trying to get myself into the right frame of mind. It all came easily. The memory of his mother, the art, the seaside, and everything. It all rushed into my mind, and I fell asleep.
    I don't remember anything else, but I'll recount here what my girlfriend said happened when I woke up.
    I regained consciousness. Or rather, Sal did. Very confused Sal who had probably just died, as far as he was concerned. He looked around and then greeted her. His posture was good and he spoke kind of quickly. He asked what was going on. She explained and he began talking about how he knew what she was talking about, and asked what our business summoning him was. She explained we only needed him to sign a piece of paper to confirm it was him (a rather redundant thing to ask, since I can forge his signature anyway, if it IS forging) and he did. And it was his signature. And she made the mistake of asking him about his life. And he would NOT stop talking and pacing and talking some more and eating all our bread.
    Anyway, he said he was pretty sure I was his reincarnation. I now know from the more recent summonings that he didn't know (insert exasperated sigh here) but that he guessed based on my appearance and the mannerisms which inhabited my body being similar to his own.
    And I woke up feeling incredibly tired and drained, and hungry despite eating most of a baguette, to even more concern than we started with about just how on earth that worked and what it all meant.
    After having talked with someone who knew things more based on Carol Bowman's theories, I've concluded that it was more a really intense regression than a summoning.
    The thing is, if it WAS a regression, why did I experience death?
    I did, in fact, experience death.
    I can't really describe it but it was a lot like falling asleep and then waking up inexplicably somewhere else.
    I woke up to a bunch of people Sal knew asking me if I was alright. I explained I wasn't Sal, and they insisted I was. I eventually convinced them that I wasn't by telling them about my present life.
    I was in some kind of building which Sal was somewhat familiar with, but that wasn't his home. I later identified it as the building which the Bureau of Surrealist Inquiries inhabited on Rue de Grenelle. I found myself simply referring to it as "the studio" upon waking up, so Sal may have called it that in his life.
    Considering he spent potentially about 10 years visiting it at least sometimes, it's no surprise his afterlife features it. (It was the epicenter of surrealist activity starting in 1924. Sal became involved with surrealism in 1929 ish)
    On the other hand, I have no explanation for what on earth is up with the afterlife. I was convinced it was only a dream, and it may well have been, but accurate information about the surrealists was presented to me during it which I didn't know before (and have now confirmed through research), which leads me to believe I was interacting with the actual dead surrealists. They have also remembered me upon my following trips there.
    For example, I didn't know that Andre Breton's favourite colour to wear was green, but I found that out while I was there. I also found out that Sal was kicked out of surrealism in 1939. I didn't know that, either. Well, consciously. As Breton told me what had happened (grudgingly. He was biased against Sal, so I had to take most of it with a serious grain of salt) I remembered. I even nearly got into an argument with him about the details. (Sal DID have a cold! Breton did not believe he had one. And Eluard wasn't there at all.)
    Anyway, I also spoke briefly to Philippe Soupault and Rene Crevel. Sal had an issue with Crevel, who had committed suicide, because he found that action to be selfish. So Crevel kept his distance from me. Soupault seemed passively concerned but mostly stood in the corner, smoking and cursing under his breath whenever Breton started yelling about pretty much anything I brought up.
    I don't know why Sal spends his time being dead hanging out with them. (My relationship with Breton has improved a little. 90% of the arguments that first time were simple misunderstandings. Like anyone cares about my relationship with Breton, though.)

    Back on the subject more at hand, we have done more summonings since then.
    They've all gone mostly the same way, whenever we've summoned Sal. He usually does not appear after his death, but rather at milestones in his life. Notably, as a 16 or 17 year old (around the time of a traumatic event) or around the time of his involvement with surrealism (not so much a milestone as a kind of fond, enjoyable part of his life).

    We have also summoned other dead people into my body. Mostly surrealists. As well as my other past lives, like Yunan (Ottoman political leader) and Polymeus (the farthest back life that I remember clearly. He was blind.)

    My friends have tried to summon their past lives, to less luck. One friend of ours who we believe to be Rene Crevel summoned who we are fairly certain was Crevel in a kind of split consciousness state? They both could speak but not at the same time, and there were many moments in which only one of them was really conscious and the other drifted to the back of their head.
    My girlfriend has gotten Pablo Picasso in a similar state, but it was hard to tell as she remembers his personality as being extremely similar to hers and has gotten many memories from him. So, she had trouble telling if he was there or not since most of their thoughts were similar and his appearance may have been faint or fleeting.

    Again, if we're doing something wrong and there's a professional medium cringing at our story, we didn't mean to do anything harmful and we appreciate any guidance.

    TL;DR we need a medium. Like, a real medium. We don't have any money, but if you want to talk to Salvador, he's available. As are... All the surrealists. And an Ottoman political person. And Picasso. And a blind dude. I've seen the afterlife maybe? It's just kind of an extended shared dream among a group of souls in a familiar setting, I guess.

    Nothing bad has happened to me or any of us, so I think it's safe.
    The energy depleted during the summonings comes back within an hour.

    If anyone knows more about this, it'd be very very appreciated. We'll continue experimenting with this since it shows no signs of trouble and we are even developing friends in the "afterlife".
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